OMG...28,41 Gb update! Are we installing a new game?!

I have a 1Tb SSD but with updates like this maybe I should buy a bigger one…:slight_smile:


Dear god another one. Kill it before it grows :rofl:


Stop being a whiny brat.


This is already considered small. You guys are complaining about an update where they are literally giving you a whole new raid, new guardian, new chaos dungeon, new skins and new QOL update.

Of course there was always gonna be sort of a bitch patch. Just suck it up and let it download while you go to work or sleep.


Thank god I saw this post before checking so I can delete all my porn stash to update the game. Appreciate the heads up fam.



Never uninstall porn, porn is sacred…


Time to clean computer from stashed 18+ videos

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bro i cant give up my VR flicks

For a Content patch this is actually quite large

and for a “day of” release its massive for some, internet speeds in some areas have been upgraded to blisteringly fast speeds, but that for some of us, 30g is gonna take all damn day because my internet infrastructure hasn’t changed for the last 10 years.


the game will die because theres a 30gb update.


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Relax, they still doing maintenance. So even if you downloaded it already you cant go in.

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A lot of bots run very old computers, maybe this update cant be installed in their toasters…:slight_smile:

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the op is right its like we are installing half of the game that we have right now lmao

Just buy more used cheap SSDs like i did, they are not that pricey on Ebay or similar sites.

That’s likely because a lot of the game is being changed with this update. They’re likely re-adding in all of South Vern (our version had a lot of things removed like thunderwings, chaos dungeons, ghost ship). Plus relic sets, valtan, massive class/balance changes. And a ton of QOL stuff. That likely requires overwriting old code and providing new code which is why the patch is so big

there is a difference between updating and downloading so downloading means that we are getting new stuff and updating means like u said “overwriting” the old stuff… so yea those 30gb download is a new stuff in the game and it should be as big as half of the game that we have right now but thats just on theory :smiley:

Holy crap man, western audience really do complain about every. single. thing. I know not everyone but still damn, complains everywhere.


They are spoiled kids that is why

Yup the same type of spoiled brats who can’t swipe so they try and shame people with jobs or grind harder.

Level 10 gems? Must be RMT

item level higher than theirs? Must be RMT.

SH level higher? Must be RMT.

You get the picture.


This size is not normal. They are not adding a game expansion or such.

The ones here dismissing it as nothing are clueless and ironically the actual whiners in this topic.