On a serious note, Can we get info on June earlier than later

Me, And I assume many others, Are holding on to our express missions in hopes that our main is coming June. With that said, I know it takes a week or two to complete the express mission. Would be greatly appreciated if we could get info on what is coming sooner, Than later, so we can burn the express mission rather than let it waste.

I seen that we can expect some kind of info on this “Later this month” according to the sneak peak of the May update. But does not dive any deeper than that. Just ask that you give us enough time to complete the event upon release of the June update.


Im personally on hiatus until scouter. So i hope that amazon has newsletters or something they send out in mail. i made it to 1400+ and 700 hours in game but i got annoyed with waiting and not having a clear vision for what this game is supposed to be about.


Scouter waiting room here as well… I feel the frustration, I honestly do. Personally this is a “make or break” roadmap for me. If Scouter is not listed I will probably move on. I will not wait up to 6 months to finally be able to invest into the game the way that I want to.

With that said, The only thing that could make me stay is if I see they are really intending to release classes at a quicker pace, For example 2 classes per month, Or even 3 over 2 months. Outside of that, Ive been waiting since launch. I do not enjoy any of the playable classes and I literally force myself to do the daily grind only to bank the mats for my Scouter.

Unlike you, I stopped at 1340. I refuse to push anything beyond that. Waste of materials / money. And more importantly time and energy. If I dont intend to play the character long term I see no reason to push beyond that. Just an army of farming mules for me so far. Unable to do Argos, Valtan… We will see what else I will have to miss out on

this is unwise unless you’re not really playing the game. If you just raised a character that’s not scouter, you would have gained a lot more material and gold and this character could have become your alt when Scouter came out.

I have a 1400 paladin, 1370 glaivier , 1340 shadow hunter, 1340 deathblade

I’m just not into the game right now. It feels difficult to find a community , and looking for one can be difficult due to guild CD.

Gold buying is rampant (at least on Regulus ) and nothing ever gets done. the more gold they buy the more bots there will be. Not to mention the drip feed.

Ill check out the summer road map ( if they ever release it before summer) and see if I want to invest my time further.

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