On completing Vern and not getting a Power pass

So I completed the North Vern questline, with the quest step titled Ealyn’s Gift. And a friend of mine got their 2 emails with their Power Passes. But I did not get anything…

So I checked my Stronghold and it will let me do the quest for ‘Nothing is Impossible for Cykins’. So It definitely registers that I’ve done the quest.

At this point I contacted Support. Their final answer was that I may have to wait for up to 24hrs for the emails to arrive. And I’m writing this to help inform others that may be in the same situation. I will update this in 24hrs to confirm…

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Hello @CannyOne hope you’re doing great!

I’m really sorry you did not receive the powerpass as expected. This is definitely not the experience we want you to have.

If the issue persists please let me know to check for more options!

Have a nice day and see you on Arkesia!

Well, I am screwed! The policy is NOT 2 power passes per Roster… It’s 2 power passes per “Region”. So since I had to move to a new server to play with a friend I can’t get power passes on Akkan.

It’s a policy that makes no sense to me. I really only wanted to use 1 because I really don’t like all the rigmarole those passes put you through. It’s really the principle.

The want you to ‘support them’ then they get Stingy.

Oh and here’s the kicker… On my character select screen it says I have Power Passes ‘Available’