On September 28, the Machinist Advanced Class will arrive in Arkesia?

Why is there no forum post/topics about this? No one knows or im late beyond hype?

i mean why no excitement? They too late with the release?

There are tons of party happening. Didn’t you get an invite?

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It’s not only late but it was also already announced months ago. We’re just waiting now.

I was under a rock i suppose! wait no i was under the dailys and weekly trap!

Known news and the hype if theres any is going to be when they officially confirm clown arriving on the 28th, machinist is just a side dish, sorry not sorry machinist mains.

no powerpass, express event or ark pass with scouter, plus it is too late, handful of players remaining relative to what we had

no !@#!@# pass? u serious?

Yep no powerpass, it’s been known a while now. If you have the punika pass you can use it on the class though righ now, then pick advanced class after update.

Isit worth switching mains? Berserker → scouter?

There is a mention to special stuff to help progression at the end of this Academy article. We’ll see 10 hours prior to the patch i guess.

“For those eager to create a Machinist, we’re looking into some special progression events to help players level up and face the Demon Legion Commanders and other Tier 3 end-game threats. We’ll have more specifics leading up to the launch of the September Update in next week’s release notes!”

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