On Servers and transfers

Hey folks,

after reading your last post on what’s possible and what is not and falling out of the game for going to the toilet just to come back to an 11k queue basically ruining my evening, I had to change my point of view - which previously was “give them some time and there will be a solution in a little while”

But come on… I understand that solution-finding is a often times difficult and timeconsuming process, but nothing so far? Queues have been trash for weeks, so has Matchmaking - especially in the late afternoon/evening. Sure this is due to an overwhelming number of players and the servers being at their limit and all - but can’t you just give people who try to forfill their basic human needs a bit of a break? some grace period of 10-15 minutes after being afk-kicked to log back in without a queue? I know it is possible - it happens if you get booted out of the game after an involuntary disconnect. Maybe combine it with some sort of bot-protection that requires human interaction if need be - but I can’t just not take a dump just to not fall out of the game.

Please give us something to work with as long as you can’t offer a cross-region server transfer or Powerpasses for people who wanna switch regions for the time being.

It sucks and you are right but afk kick timer is also long and this will lead even longer queues for rest who not logined before you. They also need to run a script just like they did on New World to avoid some of the macro users etc.

And now they have given even less reason to move by changing the rewards, could they dis incentivise ppl to move any more than they have , founders have especially been hard done by. What was the point of a 3 day head start (which we didn’t fully get) to be then told your going to lose your items, your progress, and now even downgrade the rewards given to move over… actually gets worse every day.

Really bad way to reward players that where the most wiling to invest in the game.