On what should i use my express event?

i can just use the super express event on my 15 alts at 1340 or arcana (1302) and scrapper (yet 1100). but i dont think its useful to make another dps. because the community is lacking supports and i would use it for my 1340 bard. but i wouldnt benetfit much for characters, which are already 1340. and i cant use the event on my main 1400+, to get at least the leapstones there. what do you think?

PS: i changed the topic of this post. dont wonder about the answers

What are you talking about? Do you not see the past events that have been in rotation for us? The latest one is the waterpark which you can use to get mats for your main.

this event is for all players. but i mean a event just for people with higher item level

If you see LostArkGamer at the top of a thread just assume its a bait/troll post and move on. It’ll make your forum visit that much more enjoyable.



still need help