Once again AGS ruined something a lot of the players was looking forward to

So again AGS thought its good to force this shit onto us and changed the SH form in the West compared to the Korean version this is just fucking ridiculous at this point nobody asked for this, nobody want this atrocity form of the SH we were all looking forward to the Korean one not this ugly ass shit change it back give us the korean one, this is just ridiculous.


This is outright unreasonable, not even mentioned in post notes or patch notes. STOP IMPOSING STUPID CENSORSHIP. Why do we always have the worse game client?


Yeah this is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous. I was planning on making a new shadowhunter with the new visual update because I couldn’t tolerate the old model, but this new one looks just as bad.

I really hope you they change it to match the KR version…

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Blatant racism, censorship, bullshit on visual clarity.

99.9% SH DI players want the KR clean version.
Start listening to the actual players than being concerned over ridiculous things AGS.

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