Once again, "old" skins / boxes on Artist and newer classes

@Roxx stated multiple times that:

Yet now some boxes display this message…

So once and for all… what is it :rofl: the description on the box definitely wasn’t there before today’s update.


I think this is likely a translation artifact that made it into the build. Generally old skins are only available on upcoming classes when they are just a base class skin for the entire base class. We’ve never retroactively released skins into old chests. I’ll look for clarity on this if possible.


But surely it’s not a “new” class in the eyes of the developer understandable we cant save it for slayer as that’s a new character model etc

Surely the people who make the game have the power to change the game (that they made) so that skin boxes that do in fact have skins for unreleased classes (all the new ones released today) work when those classes are eventually released (artist, aeromancer), I mean it’s not rocket surgery there is no logical reason that they don’t do this outside of stubborness or some monetary incentive


The developers are gods. They have the power to change any of the 0 and 1s in this game to whatever they like.

There is no limitations when you are the one programming the limitations.


Do they mean future classes that were not available to the Korean version of the game when the skin was made?
EG: The skin for the Witcher is not available to the Female Berzerker because she isn’t in the game at the time the skin was made, but other classes were and are able to use the skin. (including Artist)

The Artist is and will be a base class… many skins are already made for her. It seems strange that you (AGS) have taken the time to ‘un-release’ a skin… It would be simpler and less time-consuming to just leave it there for future use.


Simpler but not logical obviously. We get the short end of the stick

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But the witcher chest already contains the artist skin in the KR server, since the witcher event was released after artist release, can you actually confirm to us if you guys asked Smilegates to remove the ability to use it on the artist?

Just let us know that, if you guys asked for this change.

Please answer this, this is all i need to know, cuz if you didn’t asked to remove the artist from the skin box it should be there.

I just want her to tell us yes or not why is it so hard? :c

But she’s not making the right question…
The question is not if skins are usable on “future” classes, ofc thats a NO
In this case, this box already contains the witcher artist skin so the box SHOULD work on the artist.

SG is taking the question as if for example, we can use witcher skin on slayer (which is a future class for them released AFTER witcher event)

Thats why im telling you guys im sure we will be able to open it with artist they just don’t play the game and don’t know how to ask the questions.

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They shouldnt need to do anything with any of these skins, since most of them are already have the assets created in the KR version. All AGS needs to do is translate, do voice overs, and change some of the monetization to comply with various regions. The reason obviously is they got to censor, edit, change to comply with the blue hairs. Now why that would affect animal costumes, who knows?

Exactly thats why i think Roxx is asking Smilegates the wrong question and we will be able to use the skin box with the artist.

Well the thing is, I don’t know how reliable this database is: Lost Ark Codex

But I’ve been checking the skin boxes and it seems like we have some boxes that are available only to our region, they have different IDs and some of them don’t exist at all in KR. For example, checking the Witcher skins:

The Witcher Skin Chest - Items - Lost Ark Codex this one is available in both US and KR, not available in RU (switch flag)

The Witcher Skin Chest - Items - Lost Ark Codex this one is available in EU only, no KR no RU

Now when I open the shop, the picture of the shop is this one, which looks like the version available on both US and KR

but if you click on view details, then the picture of the box is slightly different, which is how the box looks like in game and also looks like the box that according on the database, is an US/EU exclusive.

You can check literally any skin box, there are some that are available only to some regions, so I do believe if these skins won’t be available for Artist, it is a decision and request to Smilegate from AGS.

And to reply to myself (lol), I looked up the Glorious Melody Skin chest, in RU the box does have the skin for artist: Glorious Melody Set - Items - Lost Ark Codex (switch flag to RU and let your browser translate it)


Also according to the database, after today these (and a bunch more) have been added to our client

It could mean the absolute nothing but I do hope we will get them with this anniversary.

Well, remember these are database entries. They likely have different IDs because SGR wants to keep the items from different regions with different languages separate (since there are different clients). Most of the items we have in the global client have different IDs and most items have different IDs between the RU and KR client.

Just buy the box and put it in Roster Storage. If artist release and the skin isnt in, sell the Box, because of rarity you probaly can make a good amount of gold then.

Have one earlier box already sitting in my Roster Storage for some monthes waiting for Artist.


The worst part is that she is not even sure. And at the end if it works or not and ppl if was not able to buy it because she said that the skin is not compatible with artist she is going to come with her BS as always “we listened and we made this change because we care about you”

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It’s Smilegate RPG trying to give Amazon Games Studios a hint :joy:

Jokes aside, what exactly does this mean?
Can I use the dinosaur outfit for Specialists, yes or no? That’s all I want to know hehe

No, is not

Yes, it is

Artist isnt new tho

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