Once you win 3v3, it will match 1v3 or 2v3!

Once you win 3v3, it will match 1v3 or 2v3. The other person either hangs up for half a day at the beginning of the game, or goes to the theater, or even two people follow together all the time. Other people can control three people with one skill!
If you win 3v3 once, you will match 2v3 three times and 1v3 one time! FK! It’s so annoying! Win once, lose three times, win twice, lose seven times. This kind of thing often happens. I won 6 or 7 consecutive games at the highest, but I lost 15 or 16 consecutive games at the highest!
Moreover, people often click “no” for qualifying matches, and even click “no” for many consecutive matches, resulting in matching every 2 minutes, and the result can only be played once in half an hour. Then, when you go in, someone always hangs up! I’m so angry!
There’s another problem. No matter whether it’s matching or not, as long as you return to the territory, you will be suspended. Not only return to the territory, but also enter other dungeons. It’s really a neuropathic practice. It’s not matched. Go play PvE and you will be suspended for 20 minutes

There are still people willing to suffer in pvp ? :rofl:

Many times, it makes me want to kill or even Self harm, I’m a peace loving person. I’m so angry that I want to kill people. It’s too annoying!
Even made me want to quit the game. PVE’s gold coins dropped from 500 to 1400 in one month, and PVP is even worse, which really makes it difficult for players to play.

Win once, lose three times, win once, lose four times. FUCK!

If I am rich, I believe I have smashed a lot of things!

It’s really annoying.

win once, lose five times.

win once, lose six times.

Almost every competition is 2v3. There is always a teammate watching the play and he doesn’t help around

I want to kill!

No matter where it is, it is basically 1V2, 1v3, or 2v3, 3v3. It is very rare

However, they always match me with such teammates

How can one fight two in 3v3? FUCK!

You sound angry, you should chill out a bit. It’s a game bro.

Finally, there was a 3V2, and the reason was that the teammates who were watching the play had gone to the opposite side

i know,TY

Nine times out of ten, the people who deserve attention are in the enemy!
Whenever there is a teammate with good cooperation, he will immediately match this teammate to the enemy!

Did you set PVP to make players angry and sad?

At first, I thought I had won because it was 3V2. The teammates who were watching the play went to the other side, but the result was 1V2. Because I was matched with two on hook teammates, the total damage of two people was not as high as that of me, and the take damage of any one was twice that of me

There have been 6 consecutive 2v3 and even one 1V2. This really makes me angry. If the PVP planner appears in front of me, I can kill him now and then commit suicide