One Character worth it in this game? can doing crafting / excavating to sell on the AH be enough?

What if you do things like crafting and excavating etc in order to make stuff to sell on auction house will this earn you plenty gold?

And in that case you wouldn’t need more than 1 character?

Rather than having to depend on legion raids couldn’t you in theory do excavating and stuff or islands and earn about the same amount of gold on the AH?

For life Skill u only need 1 Char maybe a class that can move fast.

And yes u can do all content by 1 Char if u want. Dont listen to this DOOMERS that say " oh no 1 class people cant never catch up" Kiddos.

Yes i pointing out now poeple that respond to this soon.

you can do life skilling, but it doesn’t make that much money. you’d probably be working 3x as hard doing something that’s generally more boring/menial/brain-dead(unless of course you enjoy it).

I generally play(ed) on 1 character, my bard. I have other characters leveled but I typically did everything on the one.

You won’t make the same amount of money as others rolling multiple characters, definitely keep that in mind.

People that have a full roster do lifeskilling too

The life skill energy is for your account, not per character.

Your profits are limited by your life energy, so you won’t get ahead of anyone else. There are means of minmaxing this, with charms (world tree leaves) and a better tool, but the difference isn’t huge. Especially for the tool since it costs massive amounts of gold and the extra mats would take weeks if not months to pay the tool investment before making any profit.

TL;DR it gives gold but its just a daily task and just keep purple tools. And by that alone you won’t make enough to progress through the game.

though arguably you can reach 1520 with one single character,

The player playing 1 character vs 6 is normally the differencr between 1 brel ready character and 6 brel ready.

Having more snowballs so wheb youre built itll churn out more materials and more gold. There is investment that needs to be made into alts to see a return.

With that said, playing. Character is fine. Itll just take a little longer as youll just in general play less [play time ]

I recommend 2 Horizontal Slaves if possible because if you wanna keep pushing your character you need to do Leapstone Dailies on your main. But you still want Horizontals, crucially Ignea Tokens (Purify Rune) and Adventure Tome for Skill Points.

I started an alt roster before Clown, I will say the Event Mats allow you to power through and it feels good to stuff all that free stuff on one character.

Fusion Material Sweat Shop is mandatory if you don’t wanna do stuff like flipping AH.

This character is already 1520, and Stronghold is almost 70 from 24/7 Fusion Mats. Most weeks I just play full rest, only log on to claim Fusion Mats. The smaller alts have to do Chaos occasionally if you wanna buy out the Event Shops, alone it’s hard to generate enough.

I started with Life Skills to make Gold → Oreha/Argos Busses → Afk Fusion Materials until I had enough to comfortably hone. The only real “lucky” thing that happened was when Toad came out I got to 5x3, and that was really nice.

you can do income from life energy stronghold energy but they need investment and its a bit of a grind but making potion and reselling them is profitable but limited, i cant tell if buying life energy or stronghold energy is profitable i dont know, with 1 character your gold potential is 1/6 th of what ppl can do depending on what you 1 character can do, it can be more then 1/6 or less then the average raiding 6 roster char, only thing that could be profitable by your time once you did all on your main, is flipping market but its prob not so easy at the moment and you need a good ammount of gold just to do that, 100% free to play take time before it pay back but it does once you catch up, its always worth it to upgrade your top 6 raiding character with bound leapstone at minimum over the long run for access to greater gold and more reward from chaos and guardian, beside that its all limited per # of character you have. if you plan on buying a few royal crystal prioritize char slot if you are gonna use them 1rst as you cannot buy these with gold

once you get your 2 free lvl 50 on your main you prob want to create 2 alt, they help funnel but its a long run since you want to up these too, having multiple character help but you have to keep up too with your alts most stuff they get they will need it but there is profit, id recommend to sell boe leapstone and limit yourself to bound one till you are confortable with your gold, if you want to maximize gold earning vs gold spent for raiding character play support they cost a lot less of gear to be accepted and gear is hard to rentabilize, ilvl is better return on unlocking raid and doing higher chaos and guardian, gear is to increase your performance and speed and acceptance into group, lvlng book for main more costly per character too if you play 1char, cost spread on multiple character since its roster too

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