One class every two months? I'm done and not coming back

The devs stated this themselves the post is on the forums…

Then please quote it cause I’m not taking you on your word, and even if that is true its just a confortable position for AGS to be in, they claim that all the decisions come from Smilegate knowing we have no way of pressuring them but I sincerelly doubt it was Smilegate that pushed back the game’s launch, plus if Smilegate is making all the decisions what do they need AGS for? And even that doesnt matter I bought the game from Amazon and they’re responsible for the quality of the product they’re selling me.

no one is forcing to make an alt of every single class in the game, its you who need to chill

Actually its been a month since a unistalled the game and i’m not gonna come back until they release my class, luckily that class is Arcana so it wont be very long and I imagine a lot of people are in doing the same thing.

Yeah because 15 would totally be okay but 21 is definitelly too much.

yes play and save now so you can have fun in 6 months.

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I hope that after more pressing shit is dealt with such as the bots and whatnot that they revisit class cadence. I’m looking at march next year to play Artist, wtf.

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My guess is they will when they see arcana doesn’t bring more players or profit.

Literally just google it lol

SG need AGS because they keep the rights to present the game in so many western countries. This cost ton of money which SG doesn’t have or wiling to spend.

AGS holds a lot more decision power than most ppl think, go watch the Gold River stepping down video where he ASKS or ENCOURAGES AGS to not release a dps meter on the west, why would he do that if he was making all the decisions on west and not AGS? The only thing AGS can’t do is develop things for the game or change it in substantial ways so they have to ask SG to do it for them.

I Will never understand the idea that telling people to play a class they dont enjoy or quit until it comes out is good. Actively turning off players from playing Because some of Then might comeback later like What. Why not just make them Actually love the game and make them want to play for the long run. The idea that people Would see this and think i Will just patiently Wait for up to 8 months or more is so bizarre. Why Would they want to comeback to the game that treated them poorly instead of just moving on


I agree for the most part. For me personally… I AM taking a break (kind of) until my class comes out but by the time it finally comes out, other games that I’ve been waiting for are going to release and I’m only going to have a few weeks to play the class.

If it was already out, I would have been spending money on the game and having a blast. At this point, even though I’ll be coming back in full force eventually… I wont be spending any cash on this game just on principle.


If they loved the game and would play it long term, then they wouldn’t stop playing because they can’t play a very specific character.

they’re not just gatekeeping old classes, they are gatekeeping new ones too, like aeromancer. to me it doesn’t make sense why they are treating classes the same as content. KR will get aeromancer, and we will have everything revealed about that class, just for us to be left in the dust for a whole year until we can experience it as with other classes. super lame, as that is a new class, and even that is being gatekept. there wouldn’t be a problem releasing it globally but it seems they won’t of course


what leaves a bad taste in my mouth is the fact that they are gatekeeping already existing things. classes take time to build and are literally timegated in their progression as well, so releasing them later is creating bigger disparities between those that have already been playing existing classes vs the people playing new classes ilvl/power wise. people who are excited to try these classes will have to wait many months to try it, and purposefully making your playerbase wait for already completed things to release to the west is just stupid. content needs to be paced so players don’t get overwhelmed with things to do and to have time for progression, but classes are the means for the players to enjoy the game, the vessel you could say – that is needed to do said content. treating release cadences for both similarly is just dumb in a game that is very investment heavy. making players wait for no reason is stupid too. but the west version of lost ark is seeming butchered in that regard…

I’m sure @Roxx or any other CM has been around on the forums enough to have been able to see the demand for classes to release faster initially, and they release lancemaster with destroyer following after. But then they choose to release classes slower, the opposite of what everyone was asking for, after building up anticipation for a faster release cadence as they would state they would release classes/content faster and release one class after another. Pretty dumb if you ask me


yep I agree with you, we wait for “content” that is actually not content and I will probably need to wait for the reaper in winter ? or next year? :smiley: I may play another game until this time passes in waiting for my class…


imagine bdo or pso2 wouldve released with alot classes missing kekw

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Imagine WoW releasing with DK, Pala, Druid, Rogue, Shaman Missing xD

Does Classic have all the classes retail has? If not, suboptimal comparison.

Like releasing WoW Classic with DK instead of Shaman, and everyone on forums wanting to play Horde Paladin and Demon Hunter because they saw it in retail version

This is more like releasing classic with demon hunter or monk, and without rogue, because who cares about class release order xD
Also, I admit, that the point of WoW is kinda invalid, cause it works a bit different there.

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They should really release all classes asap. Its not acceptable to drip feed them to us when they already exist.

Personally waiting for artist