One last euw moan before you close forum and ignore us forever

I accepted defeat. Euw will be left to die ok. We play on an unplayable dead server or reroll to euc.

Fine i rerolled. So now with the new roadmap i somehow not only have to do all horizontal content i have to be 1580 on this new account for akkan in 3 months.

Can you tell me what you are going to do to get me from 1445 to 1580 since you forced me to switch by letting euw die.

How can the euw players who you have forced to reroll catch up without spending several thousand more

A 1460 hyper event wont cut it.

Or we just gonna ignore the problem again.

I honestly dont get angry at games but im legit so annoyed that ive spent so much on this game and i will not be able to do akkan or kyangel

Because you forced me to restart by ignoring euw and leaving it to die and then doing nothing to help the people who have cut their lossess and reolled.

I hope some day you pay 1000 for some product and you wait 11 months for delivery for it. You keep emailing the seller asking them are they gonna send it and they just emailing you back

“Were having discussions about the best way to send you this item or if its even possible to send it we have no timeframe of when this might be”


I 100% support big benefits and compensations for anyone who rerolls from EUW to EUC

But that’s major copium

o7 it was a good try friends.

Imagine thinking anything of AGS. Your region is just as abandoned as SA region. They don’t care, game is already way below expectations of SG in terms of population, they will probably give more priority to Chinese servers at this rate.

cant wait to see them ban everyone who mention bots/server merge on the discord :joy:

I need to see only the topic name - One last euw moan before you close forum and ignore us forever and see the answers:

  1. feel for my EUW andies. I am EUC nolifer who stayed and fought the queues but scamazon and sneedgate did u guys dirty. I don’t expect them to ever merge regions cus these koreans can’t even CODE AN INGAME CLOCK WITH TIMEZONES.
    How not to close this forum. Is this really feedback or raging posts full with toxiness :slight_smile:

You answered your own questions.

ignored for a year
decides to start over all the way to 1580 instead of quitting

have some self respect

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I play NAE, but honestly whoever decided to create EUW should probably never make a decision for an online game ever again in their career lol

If I remember correctly the first EUW is dead Post was 10-12 months ago why people didn’t rerolled then and not wait 12 months of asking about merge. I also fresh started on EUC in April‘22 and I am now in the EUC endgame

“Quit complaining!” - Lost ark “supporters”

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At this point why would you start over?
Both Amazon and Smilegate said to EUW players, that “you can guys rot there, we wont do anything”, and they didnt.

Why would you still play with their game?

this action not only made me hate this game but the publishers and game company never again touching korean games…

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I do wonder who had the genius idea of creating EUW.

Lots of players on our new game and queue times. Should we add more servers and merge down the line if needed? Nah bro just make a new region within a region and let it die lol

We are currently discussing and looking into options with a merge. Absolutely not ignoring anyone, actually had quite a few great conversations about it in Discord last night!


You talked about it on discord with players? I always said you and roxx are not the issue, i also do a job where i deal with the backlash of relaying unpopular decisions others make, so its not directed at either of you.

we need something concrete, a date, a plan, a roadmap for merging, i appreciate you probably want a merge too and want it for me and other euw players, but that does not mean it will happen.

im sure you give our feeback to the developers but thay wont tell us anything other than were discussing it, can you ask them for a commitment that something will be done and a date for when we will have a definite decision,.

you can understand that for 11 months we have been told you are discussing it.


Honestly at this point and i mean it 100% i would rather you say were letting euw die, than “were discussing options” if you told me its gonna be left to die, i could never log onto it again, it would give me more time to play my char on euc, but atm im in a weird limbo of trying to move to euc, but knowing i need to try latest content when released so still playing on euw and its a ton of work to keep up.

I think everyone on euw just wants a definite answer and date no matter what it is.

We did! The topic of merges are constantly evolving. If you remember merges were first decided against and that was only a few months ago. Now, due to players feedback, the conversations have reopend and logistics looked into.

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Is that a joke?

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i appreciate you replying. Again frustration is not directed at you. Your doing your job and you are not the developer.

I honestly dont remember merges were decided against, i remember being told its not possible at this time, but as far as i was aware it was never a decision from AGS or SG that it wasnt happening