One move to end them ALL [RMTers/Bots]

Hi there,

What I’m about to tell you is very dangerous! It can single handedly destroy 100s of thousands of dollars! {bad monies}

It’s a very simple solution, it HEAVILY relies upon the community as well.

it will also instill fear into any1 thinking of RMT’ing.

Tracking down every RMT’er is going to be near impossible with the all the micro transactions and time required to verify whether a transaction on the AH was legit or RMT.

However imagine you could flag a person you suspect, the system goes through his data [purchases/ transactions/ hours played] etc and filters real flags vs false flags and narrows it down a lot!


→ Just as they display the Roster lvl across all the toons.

Display the “LIFETIME ROYAL CRYSTAL COUNT” on player profiles!

This is extremely fool proof! Imagine u come across a 1510 with 5 lvl10 gems and only 20000 Royal Crystal spent.

Insta flag!-> EZ kill. gg wp.

This solution is sooo strong it would wipe out RMT’ers in a week.


This is the end all solution! Some people are going to complain that they dont want their transactions to be displayed!

Note:- your transaction ended the second you bought Royal Crystals with them. It’s now part of the game! Im sure AGS/SG have all the right to display it just like they do with your ilvl and Roster lvl!

PS:- this is a joke! [Head down for some fun tho]


well i kind of think this stuff displayed would look pretty awful ;/
But besides that i don’t care that much. Still not failproof our measurements are not sooo exact …

It is pretty damn foolproof when you set logical filters to the flags!

I dont rmt but i also don’t care about witch hunting those that do. Scary how many people out there have a mentality of going out of their way to screw others over. Just stay in your lane and have fun with the game


And If I don’t want to show people how much I’ve spent? You can’t just change it in the middle of game.

To be fair RMTers already going out of their way to screw others feels like it should go both ways tbh

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Ah you see how scary it is,

One punch KO to every problem in regards to RMT/Botting.

So scary you’re calling the sureshot solution to all the outcry too extreme :slight_smile:

Are you afraid of something?

It’s not a sureshot solution imo because we already knew who the RMTers were and it didn’t make any difference. Now that the game has been out longer it’s hard to tell who is RMT and who is legit. But if it didn’t make a difference a month ago why would it make a difference now?

that’s only matter of presentation. You don’t need to call it whale-o-meter :slight_smile:

Other games do it by presenting “tiered” rewards based on how much you’ve totaly spent. And the tier is presented in form of badge or something.

This would add a very clear factor by which people can actually flag someone

Which means the number of people getting flagged will be SIGNIFICALTY LOWER! and the same people will also have multiple flags!

Lower# of flags = Easier for the system to investigate

Yes but what I’m saying is that people could already see who was RMT a month ago, reported the person and nothing done. How would it be any different now?

YES this is an iteration of what I am suggesting!

Ex blue badge= under 10k, Purple badge= under 100k, etc etc.

Something along these lines

not in this game, but I can see the discomfort :slight_smile: You will know when your biggest fear is your wife selling your guns for a price you told her they have.

Because now, many who have flagged people will get some kind of evidence to base their allegations!

If the same person you were suspected was shown to spend 500k RC, you would ignore it after

So the number of flags will fall drastically. The fewer the cases the more the attention they receive

Well, like I said a month ago you didn’t even need any evidence because you could math it out if it was possible to whale to that level or not and still nothing was done.

A much better solution would be to actually just track transactions. Like a transaction is just an object in the database that is related to the seller and the buyer the same way a mail is just an object related to the sender and receiver.

A bot would move gold from it’s own account to a mule either via AH or mail. So you could then get all the mules that purchased repeatedly from the same seller over and over again which would naturally be extremely unlikely to occur. Same goes for mail.

This way you can actually get both the mules and the bots and is a much cleaner less manual solution than what you are proposing. I actually have a feeling this is what has been implemented recently.

I really don’t think it’s any of your business how many RC I may or may not have bought. I also don’t think using player reporting as a tool to attack those who did spent will work out in anybody’s favor.

Imagine 1000 bored players all deciding to pick a random person and report bomb them for “suspected RMT”

The truth is, it isn’t the average players business to deal with RMT. It’s AGS/SG business. Also, AGS/SG do not want these players deleted from existence, they are known spenders one way or another, so if RMT gets stifled to the point where the bot gold is more limited (meaning bot gold price would rise) those same RMT players might start using legit RC sales. AGS wants that.

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Yes i know its not my business and the post is to make it so!

If a 1000 people report him, then he gets reviewed, and passes ez.

Why are u considering the evil of a 1000 people and not the good? what if 1000s of people report an RMT’er?

Are u suddenly sympathizing with the RMT’ers.

And yes no1 wants them deleted. This is about punishing them in someway like in RU where u get -gold.

I Can see how this post is scary because if this were to happen for real, it would change the way a game feels in a single action.

And the more i read the responses, its leaning towards, “mmm its aite, let them be”! a drastic difference from the usual " BOTS EVERYWHERE! FIX THIS AGS"

well some different Badges sound even pretty good looking … But well if amazon sniff that they will put some bonus stats and make big money with it and than i will be crying again xD sooo psss !

Because it has been used to get people banned in the past simply due to the volume of report. So even if they are legit, if the masses can spam report and have someone put on a 2-3 day lockout while they are investigated that is a power the average player should not have.

We seen it in New World with the banning system there, players would mass report others right before a war or big event causing the opposing team to lose members to an auto-ban for report volume.

And honestly I don’t blame someone for deciding to buy a product for almost 66% cheaper than what AGS/SG was offering. AGS/SG allowed the problem to continue far to long and created far to much freedom to the Bots to overtake the market. So when you ask someone to spend 350$ on 100k gold, or 75$ for 100k, it’s hard to expect anyone to pay 5 times the amount for the same thing, you know?

I personally don’t care if every RMT gets a lifelong ban and Jeff personally shows up at their door to give them a wet willy, beyond the damage they did to the market, RMT, P2W, or F2P it’s all the same content in Lost Ark.