One move to end them ALL [RMTers/Bots]

If you are casual, stay casual and do not expect to have all the end game items.

As casual the market price for mats probably does not effect you at all as you either barely have enough gold to cover the basic honing cost and fusion materials or you don’t generate enough mats to sell.

Gold engravings are not meant to be cheap, I will quote Saintone here :Saintone Explains Price Of Class Engravings Lost Ark - YouTube

Earning 400k in 2 months span with 5 alts was easily achievable as well. Each alt is 800g per day and 10 min max.

Seriously so many players are just full of entitlement without putting either effort to earn them or $ to AGS.

You assumed bots earn gold from selling mats, this is already proven wrong by making chaos dungeon mats roster bound. They make gold by master pieces and some early quest that reward them 100 gold.

There are not that many t3 bots, t3 mats market was 99% supplied by legit players. Bots however do provide a bunch of the fish in the market. Fish price tripling is a sign of that.

So how does this effect the market mainly? A large injection of gold into the market, which causes inflation but dilutes the impact of any fixed expenditures(hence the honing cost, orehas which cost 200g per craft).

I am not saying bots should be allowed, but I do have to say that so long they are not causing a queue I benefited from them. But yes, when they caused a queue thats when I am pissed af.

no one even mentioned casuals and expectations or end game or anything, all i said is that bots and rmt affect the game, didnt even say if it is positive or a negative effect, then op started malding.

that’s child’s play, mr @dis4lunches makes that much in 3 weeks no sweat. even if according to your own math he should make 50k assuming he is not using the gold on anything.

so it’s either you are lying, or mr @dis4lunches is lying about his numbers mmm.

also that’s after you spend hundreds of hours getting them to t3 and parking them, it’s not like you got 6 t3 character when the game released 5 months ago.
so no, it’s not “easily achievable”

10 min max?
my dude you spent that much just loading the match lmao, if you take 1 minute on each stage in chaos dungeons, and you do 2 of them, that’s ideally 6 minutes, but in reality you have a minute more running to gate, finishing the last stage, and then the loading screen between stages, loading sceen in and out of chaos gate, so say 10 minutes just for the chaos dungeon.
and doing 2 guardians if you wanna milk every piece of gold on your toons, that probably takes 15 minutes too. so you probably spend 20~30 minutes just doing these, so 2~3 hours just doing that.

and all of that after you have already leveled up your characters to t3

so many players are just so full of themselves without putting effert into reading what they are even responding to


Lmao who needs 15 minutes for guardians on their T3 alts? No wonder you’re struggling.

i did not assume bots make gold from selling mats. BOTS DO MAKE GOLD FROM SELLING MATS.
that’s why there is a literal infinite chaos bot people use.

since bots “generate” gold in way, it means they can’t “earn” gold in a different way.

what kind of logic is that?

and what is your source?
nothing. just a random number.
oh well.

that’s 1 kind of the many kinds of bots you can buy yes, since fishing is the first trade you can learn while leveling up and you can park your bot there spam fishing

that only works if you buy royal crystals from AGS, since your crystals now worth more, but if you do not buy you only get inflation, so nothing get diluted for you, you only get inflated prices for AH items. because someone can get X amount more gold from rmt than they can from AGS, so the AH now sells for X amount more than it would have sold if everyone bought from AGS

what’s with people not knowing how to read today?
what part of

do you not understand?
2 guardians, searching for guardian in map, loading screen, getting your stuff etc…
7.5 minutes specially if you do pugs isnt even that long at all of a total time, that just assumes you get lucky and beat the boss in 6ish minutes.

I used price point on NAW, he was on NAE, which to my knowledge has a higher price point for mats. He also has 9 alts instead of 5

Assuming NAW price. 9 * 800 * 7= 50,400g in raw mats selling, then plus static gold income (raids assuming oreha and argos P1 only) 3,000*6= 18,000
daily stronghold income should be 3,000 * 7 = 21,000. Unas average 4,000 a week. The figures does not include lucky drops and weekly bloodstone mats from guild shops. So his weekly income should be above 90K using NAW price so I don’t think his number is unbelievable.

Getting an alt to t3 in 2 weeks without spending in the market is not hard at all. You do realize hardcores had their characters in t3 the first week and a lot of them are actually f2p? I take a bit longer because I only do chaos but my weekly pvp vendor and events had gifted me many t3 alts.

so he makes 30k more than your maximum possible number while not using a single item to level up any of his characters after already having all 9 t3 1370 characters, noted.

yes, to 1302 using islands and tower they got to it in 7~14 days yes, not 9 characters to 1370.

so basically you need to spend money and 1500 hours in game to be at the point this guy preaches of " just go grind man and stop complaining"

How’s it foolproof? Sell bus for thousands of gold repeatedly. Roxx stated explicitly that bussing is not against TOS. 0 royal crystals spent.

There are 2 relevant and farmed guardians in T3. Yoho and Deskaluda. Neither require searching or 7 minutes to clear. More like 4 at best. People with decent rosters can afford to gear their alts. I’d know because my Yoho runs are consistent sub 4 minutes across 6 alts.

If I push through my roster of 7 characters (1470, 6x 1385) is done in 2 1/2 hours. Make it 3 if I’m generous and include burning labor and some pvp games.

Clearly you have no idea what dedicated players are capable of and thus they must be lying. Clown.

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When was the game released? 4 months ago. I don’t find it impossible at all. I know quite a few that actually farmed infinite chaos and they are veteran BDO brainless 8 hr daily grinders and those had t3 in the first week of game release.

Also, I clearly stated using NAW figures, and NAE has higher price tag for mats, which part did you not understand?

anyway, it’s been 4 hours on this useless topic.

my point was bots affect the market, which they do, i didnt say positively or negatively.

and yes you can make 120k if you spend $$$ and over a thousand hours getting them all to 1370 and sell everything you own.

have a nice day everyone

but before i go i need to respond to this, it’s kinda funny

sooo, i say

and you say

soooo, lets do math, 2.5 hours is 150 minutes, divided by 7 = 21.5

so you come make fun of my numbers saying “i clearly have no idea what dedicated players are capable of”
then post your numbers that literally match what i said lmao

well, like i said, have a nice day everyone, that’s it for me.

inb4 bUt i iNcLuDeD 40 sEcOnDs oF UnA DaIlY In mY NuMbEr

That’s right sir, 20 minutes per character to be completely done with its daily agenda. I’m glad you noticed the extra 40 seconds it takes to complete some lopangs. Cheers!

this makes me smile lol, first time i see this kind of a reponse, thanks man :hearts:

It’s for the same reason you would be upset if there is a cheater in your session. It’s not that hard to understand that RMT impacts everyone.

In the same way that multiple damage hackers would destroy the gameplay experience for a lot of people and make your progression feel worthless. And there is damage hackers currently.

Ikr, it’s like protecting Amber Heard when she screw over Johny Depp. People are just weird.

The first one to screw others will always be protected.

But you know what’s funny, I see many defending RMTers. I’m sure they themselves RMT’d. Looking for a way to justify others (themselves too). Lmao. Elementary school level of lying.

By the way, have you guys ever played the game, Mafia? 5 citizen 1 mafia or 10 citizen 2 mafia?

It’s so easy to catch who is the “Mafia” because they usually speak for the Mafia instead of the Citizens. Such as an example from a player here, “It’s hard to tell who is RMT and who is legit.” You’re hoping you won’t get caught. Ahahahahaha but whatever y’know, Can’t be bothered if you guys get ban.

Why RMT in the first place? It’s like those crybabies saying," I didn’t know we can’t use aimbots in FPS games." I hope you guys get permaban :smiley: