One move to end them ALL [RMTers/Bots]

Ikr, it’s like protecting Amber Heard when she screw over Johny Depp. People are just weird.

The first one to screw others will always be protected.

But you know what’s funny, I see many defending RMTers. I’m sure they themselves RMT’d. Looking for a way to justify others (themselves too). Lmao. Elementary school level of lying.

By the way, have you guys ever played the game, Mafia? 5 citizen 1 mafia or 10 citizen 2 mafia?

It’s so easy to catch who is the “Mafia” because they usually speak for the Mafia instead of the Citizens. Such as an example from a player here, “It’s hard to tell who is RMT and who is legit.” You’re hoping you won’t get caught. Ahahahahaha but whatever y’know, Can’t be bothered if you guys get ban.

Why RMT in the first place? It’s like those crybabies saying," I didn’t know we can’t use aimbots in FPS games." I hope you guys get permaban :smiley: