One of the biggest problems with Lost Ark

I really think one of the biggest problems with Lost Ark is it has absolutely 0 fun / interesting / difficult Open world encounters. It’s got some pretty good mini games sure, it’s got awesome combat in guardian raids and abyss raids. But you can only do a raid once a week. You only get rewarded for 2 guardian raids a day / 2 chaos dungeons a day.
There is no reward for killing open world mobs. Loot / Drops are a complete joke in the open world. There is no dynamic open world encounters to group up with others. Lost Ark is a daily quest / raid quest grind. Regular mobs need to be interesting and difficult. You need to be able to get meaningful loot from open world. Cuz just saying do yer dailies on 10 characters is sooooo boring. That isn’t variety, yer doing the same thing for minutes at a time just on different characters.



It would be cool to get more dungeon style content, or more open world content that is challenging and rewarding enough to incentivize end game players to do those activities, other than only raiding. Cause I agree, right now raids and repeating daily tasks are pretty much all that there is. We do have abyssal dungeons, but those are also once a week and is there for some simple gold income.

The thing is, Lost Ark has a lot of content. But it’s either one and done like islands, or mostly relevant in T1-T2 or very early T3. The rewards seem to be less the higher you progress, so all of that content is left behind.

In all honesty, people only group up for islands because:

  1. faster access to islands (aka 1 member joins an island gives the rests an option to join as well)
  2. Higher rewards due to higher achievement due to more people in your party doing the events.
  3. The biggest interaction between party members on islands is “tyfp.” And then after that, it’s
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At least, this is my opinion so far. I guess I am also to blame because this is what I do. But what am I gonna do after finishing the events? Tea party? Sure, only if I only play 1 character and there are not 8 other alts waiting for me to do dailies.


I’ve done a ton of islands. They all have a decent if short 10 - 15 min story (including quest time), are incredibly easy to complete, with a one time account reward. There is nothing to do on islands once you get a soul, you could probably do every island in a day if you had a geared out character. There is no reason to go back to any for loot. If yer talking about Islands that just have a world boss… when was the last time you found a world boss challenging? And again those have crap for loot. Yes some have interesting mini-games like i stated, but with garbage rewards so you never want to do them over and over.

I agree, there are so much rewards for me to do T1/T2 una’s (reputation rewards), but none of those can give me the most out of T3. Whenever I look at T1/T2 una’s, I always think: are these worth it? or you can just do Lopang on all your alts for half a mil of silver so you can hone and roll gems… Decisions decisions.

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