One of the dumbest things ever

Ok so I want to try a new clas what do I have to do? Wait 24 hrs before I can delete a character because in order to try a new class while deleting one to make room for another I don’t like, I know 24 hrs isn’t a big deal but some people would like to start right off the bat and not get frustrated because they can’t due to that 24 hour wall.

Why do this? It is stupid and frustrating af…is it to make more money off of us by demanding crystals to open a new slot? Bad form guys, bad form.

It’s so you don’t accidentally delete a character or have someone hack you and delete you characters.

  1. odds are I am older than you

  2. They sell character slots for a reason

  3. Grow up kid.

I mean… be happy that you even got 6 character slots tbh.
Not many games give you that many.

And yes. no character is deleted after 24h either. its still in the logs for weeks and can be recovered.
Then again. DOnt cry in the forums about it and give feedback where feedback is due. In a constructive way.
And so what if you pay money?
you enjoy a game apparently enough to rant about it in the forums

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Do you go to every post and say that? All the forums are is ranting, maybe you shouldn’t come to them if you do not like people ranting?

Looking at the insane amount of “please restore my deleted char” post that I had read, it should be a week.