One of the most toxic things in lost ark is people joining Reclear raids without knowing mechs

That is one of the most toxic things some people do in the game.

You make a group in party finder that is called Reclear or Alt run, and you get people that dont know the mechanics. They just waste everyone´ s time. In valtan, it´s not that big of a deal as you can just carry it with few people, but at vykas ? That can be a nightmare.

It´s super toxic and disgusting.
If you dont know the mechs, either look up a guide properly so you go in like a pro, and then mention that you dont have experience - or join a learning party to get familiar with mechs and that´s it.

But if you go into reclear group and you wont disclose that you not only dont have experienced, but god forbid - that you didnt look up a guide, that´s just so toxic that it would be nice if peopel got penalised for that.

And if you end up not having time and end up doing legion raids on the last day before reset ( unstable work schedule for example), you are in for a ride, because it´s very likely you will encounter people like that and a chill clear might turn into 2-3 hours of hell and you wont even clear it anyway.

I dont really care about people not using battle items in guardian raids and such, but people that dont know mechs joining reclear groups and not closing they dont know mechs - that´s the worst.


to be fair if it’s just “reclear” and they technically did clear it before then it counts.



Being bussed and carried does not count.

I see you are giving justice to your nick. Respectable

I think the biggest toxic thing I’ve seen is expecting 100% perfection all the time in a PUG

Don’t get me wrong, I know mechanics of raids

However I’m not perfect and neither is anyone else

You have lag spikes, desyncing (hello G1 Vykas), mouse/keyboards dying, real life distractions, or just plain flubbing things up because your brain stopped working for 2 seconds

However, I agree this doesn’t excuse people who obviously don’t know the fight at all, just sucks there’s few learning parties and people to teach, but that’s a whole other topic

I prefer chill parties because hey, mistakes happen and the best thing to do is to laugh and joke it off and move on

I just laugh at the “one mistake = kick” parties because having your members on edge because of the thought of getting caught messing up just… leads to more people messing up

So you kick someone then replace… over and over, wasting more time

You want 100% perfection, get a static where you know the players

However you still may not get what you want


Yeah, i agree , mistakes can happen - but not knowing mechs and not disclosing it, thats just disgusting.

I dont care about 100% perfection, but 2 or 3 hour vykas run that you wont finish ? No thanks.

And i would like static, but thats just not a possibility if you have unstable work schedule like me.

Though this week was pretty chill, but i think what contributed the most was that i did it early - while if you do it like last day or last two day before reset, it can be a nightmare.


Yeap, 100% learned my lesson not to do Vykas past Sunday

Valtan is ok just because it’s a very simple fight, however Vykas

Man, the amount of times I’ve done late week runs only to get stonewalled on G2 is too damn high

I am trying to learn to lead during mechanics better, working on x120 G2 mechanic so I can ping where to do asap

It’s proving to be a bit more challenging than I thought but I’m almost there

i just skip on vykas if i have limited time and its before reset, because its just a waste of time.

Valtan on the other hand, i really like. Because you can just carry it. For when you know the fight, you are just never gonna die. And you will usually have at least 2 decent or good people in the raid, and thats a breeze to carry in a ghost phase.
Valtan daddy is great. Mommy vykas not so much.
And i am not going for clown with my alts - that would be a severe mistake :smiley:
On main its enough for me. Maybe later when people get better at clown, but thats gonna take some time probably.

Oh, and btw : check mobalytics guides. Those are insane. I read it, went to clown, and was playing like a seasoned clown veteran - since the guide even tells u what to do when general attack patterns happen etc. Insane lol

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Lol, I don’t like Valtan for the reason is because it’s too easy, but I do it because it’s easy, lol

And for Clown I might push one alt to ilvl because I love the fight so damn much

I’m honestly in the camp where I think Vykas is just TOO long with 3 gates that most people don’t split up unfortunately

I think it people treated Vykas like Clown where it’s ok to do G3 at a later point then I think we’d see a lot better PUGs for it

Because getting taxed doing G1 or G2 over and over again then getting to G3 after hours… yeah a break is needed to refresh everyone at that point

I make all my Vykas runs with Succubus title requirement and I scrutinize peoples gear in and out while still following the meta of 2 fails = kick as there are people with good gear and title, but have only bought busses and are clueless when it comes to mechanics.

With this method I have only had to cancel the raid couple times and removed said people who didnt know mechs.

nah bro that’s not toxic the toxic thing is you kicking the one who is jailing 7 players (this is a joke for you dense people) i don’t mind people failing something that doesn’t wipe the whole group mistakes happen but not everytime people don’t have time to deal with rats joining to get carried non the less.
For me personally i would take 3x3 or even 1x3 if i knew this guy is good enough with mech and i can cover his side of damage instead of some random who got better gear etc and this is why i prefer to help friends/guildmates who got less geared alts instead of a full relic guy can’t do single mech

Yep. 3x3 that can play is 10x times better than 5x3 that fails at mechs.

Also,made a meme

“you know mech? yah i cleared it 10 times already” fails first mech this is what it feels like sometimes then they say i’m nervous you will see in G2 “10 sec in g2 dead”

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Vykas is my favourite raid. Probably because i learn it the most. Not more then 3 hours for my main and 4 alts for all 3 gates. Probably i am lucky i find a good pug gropus. Yesterday we finish all 3 gates without any support and without even 1 dead.

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With so few prog groups in PF, congratulations, you just taught them the fight.

Now they can go reclear.

Mystic even raid is the first truly casual friendly raid. A f2p gams should be like that. Those other raids with one shot mechanics are just bs.


Funnily, not so sure about that. At least first experience.

For its like argos - if you quit at like gate 2 and get rewards, you will be locked for the weekend.

And if nobody would call mechs, it could be bad. And without supports ? Shesh

there is a difference though between a mistake and not knowing mechs with my experience getting randoms for clown especially g2 mistakes happen, but not knowing where to go and what to do is just obvious and its worse when you try to explain to them and they do that thing where they go quiet and give 0 effort after that until the group disbands

It’s not like there are a lot of groups with the description “learning group” at this point in the game, the person wants to get their raid done and get the rewards, they will look to find a group as quickly as possible.

We have a culture of hate so heavy against anyone who doesn’t know a mechanic in a fight that i’ve seen people straight up panic attack and go numb or alt+f4 over asking for help.

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