One simple fix, and nobody could claim lost ark is p2w

just stop selling honing mats in the shop, and make the mats you get in game untradable.
that’s it. easy-p-z.
you can still keep EVERYTHING else you sell in the shop the same, so you will still be making money. nothing else needs to change, and this will END the p2w debate/image for good.

ilvl seems to be the only thing people care about when talking about p2w, so simply don’t let ilvl be bought with real money.
i’m saying this because i really llike the game, and i live in NA. NA players HATE p2w, and unless you get rid of the image that many people have, and stop allowing ilvl to be bought…
sadly, the game will not survive NA release long term. eventually player count will drop, and nobody will be playing.

i don’t even really think the game IS p2w because pvp is equalized, so who am i really “winning” against? the AI?
however it doesn’t matter what i think. what matters is how the mass majority of NA players feel, and if you don’t stop real money ilvl advancement the game is doomed in NA…and i don’t want that. i want this game to do well.


If that’s how you feel then what does it matter if people buy mats from the shop?

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did you not read the sentence right below the one you quoted??


You can read right?

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I dont think we need to remove honing mats from the shop, as time goes on they’ll get cheaper and cheaper anyway. Currently its just a race and the more money/gold you have the faster you run. I personally am not taking part in the race, the only thing I would want to see changed is honing mats to be roster bound/tradeable across all your alts.


Do some maths.
Turn your gold into blue crystals.
Buy mats from Mari shop for cheaper than from the market.

This is actually F2P friendly, not pay to win as you can often times get materials for cheaper.


sadly, for most NA players, it doesn’t matter if something is F2P friendly or not.
i agree with you, but for most people, if you can use real money to buy power(ilvl)…then it’s P2W, period.

they need to get this image/perception dropped, or the game won’t last long in NA.

Everyone has their own definition of P2W so you will never stop the P2W argument except for one way… go back in time and make this game a standard pay once game and have nothing at all in the shop that progresses anything at all in the game.

It is weird that we accept this kind of level of Pay2Win/Pay2Progress/Pay2Advance while also having game like Path of Exile on the market. Where the only thing you can buy is skins and storage tabs - and this game is making huge bucks.

How can we have one F2P game, that has no Pay2whatever mechanics, and is producing new content very often and F2P game, that has buttload of P2whatever coexist and still defend the P2whatever - is a bit weird for me.

It is like someone introducing a store that taxes you on every purchase, while already having a store with no taxes - and people are OK with that.

As western audience, we should have higher standards for F2P games by now.

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do you really think that people would still be saying this game is p2w if you couldn’t buy honing mats or increase ivl with real money??
i mean, maybe a couple oddballs would, but overall the p2w image would be gone.

that would be like saying games like OW or PoE are p2w. just because the game has a cash shop, doesn’t automatically make it p2w in peoples minds.

Wouldnt that restrict us to only the resources that we can generate?

It would feel so limiting.

Idc if the game is “P2W”. Whales can have a higher ilvl than me, that doesnt bother me. What I dont like is if a game is in essence cornering people to pay just to access content. Thats kinda where things get bad and thats where the F2P players will 100% leave.

There needs to be a gap just large enough to where whales feel their money has value but not large enough to where F2P players feel pressured to pay and I think thats what we’re moving towards.

restrict us? feel limiting? you mean like in most games?

i mean isn’t almost every game that isn’t considered p2w like this?
take the new popular game out right now for example Elden R. you just can’t buy the best stuff, right? you have to generate all your own gear. does that make it limiting?
or like in other mmos like WoW. most really high end lvl raid gear is only obtainable if you do the raid, and get lucky with the drop.

guess i’m just confused at what you mean by:
“it would feel restricting/limiting to only the honing resources that we can generate”
cause that’s the way it is for most games.
also i’m only taking about honing mats only. not saying no item in the game can be traded.

Because those games were made around those systems. This game was not. The foundation for those games was laid already just as the foundation for this one was as well. Could it work? Sure. Would it be worth investing the time to do it all? Probably not.

As for it feeling limited, it absolutely would. Idk if youve experienced T3 or not yet, but being restricted to only mats that come from my chaos dungeons and guardians would not be good. Progression would be slower than it is now and its already pretty slow. The 800-1200 guardian stones im able to pull from Maris shop almost daily (which i havent paid a dime into) are basically keeping me going and having access to cheap T1 mats on the Market has helped boost my alts because sometimes I just dont want to run another chaos dungeon.

OP killed every Intent of this post by ending it with “how players feel”. Lost ark has been branded as a pay to win game. That will not change. What will change is the noticeability of the gap between F2P players in a few months after supporting content is released and a larger percentage of the playerbase reaches end game. Currently our version is missing a lot of material sources and only a small percentage of the playerbase has reached 1370

why don’t you think the branding can change?
if they simply remove the p2w element, then why would it still keep that branding?

because being constructive on a way to solve the bot problem rather than force the game to be something it’s not. Truth is that the Giga whales, fund a large portion of the game development. removing the p2w element would take core systems out of the game and force everyone to pay a box fee +sub to continue funding the game… and i doubt that price would be localized.

Mari’s shop is the least P2W part of the game. If anything, as an F2P player it’s my best friend.

What IS pay to win is being able to buy honing materials from the in-game auction house, that’s what makes the game P2W, bc whales can buy gold with real money. Mari’s shop is the same for everyone, whales have no advantage over me.

I’m not saying to stop letting people sell honing mats on the auction house btw, I’m just correcting OP here.

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I don’t even understand why buying honing mats really upsets anyone right now? Maybe someone near end-game can enlighten me?
Because, like OP stated, PVP is equalized.

Why are we worried about getting to Argos? A PVE dungeon? The only thing I can think of, is there is something that drops there, either at a higher rate, or not in any other dungeon, that you can sell on the market, and make some money. And if you’re not there first, your chances to make gold diminish with each passing day.

Other than that… if PVP is currently equalized, and there is no open world PvP that truly matters right now… why do we care so much? I always thought p2w was to get on leaderboards for lucrative rewards, but I don’t see that here. At least, not yet.

All I see is people rushing to get to the “end” and then do nothing, because aside from Argos, why does it matter to be that ilvl?

Yes you are right it’s the economics of the end gear the profits are gone by the time casuals gets there. So the richer gets richer its the same in every MMORPG i have ever played. There is also the brag rights of wearing the latest gear and having the latest hardcore mount. Player that don’t care about making tons of gold or brag rights have no reason what so ever to rush to the latest content. Don’t know about this game but late comers that play PUG might have have problems being accepted in to groups