One simple question, Please ANSWER

Please, be honest with me, and our community.

Does, Amazon Games / Smilegate have ANY employee that his/hers work, is to be logged inside of the game, on a GAME MASTER character, who is actively banning/kicking out bots?

Or you just don’t care, and you are waiting for Smilegate, to figurate some automation fix, so you would not have to spend any money or human resources to fix this problem?

Because, it feel like. Whole Amazon was just thinking that you just turn the game on, and the money will be rolling. And all the work will be made in Korea.

Please be honest, and tell me. DO YOU HAVE ANY HUMANS THAT HAVE ACCES TO THE GAME? Or you are just team of 3 people that switch one lap top, to write twitter posts and answer here?

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You must be joking.
Have you seen the state of the game?
Do they look like they are playing it?

Did they during NW?

Hi @Asag, I hope you are doing great!

You can be sure that there is a team in charge and bots are being banned non-stop, keep in mind that the bots continue to be created in a massive way, so despite the measures you mention, it is necessary to find a more efficient solution to such a deep problem.

We appreciate the help with the reports that all players make through the game since through them we can locate and ban the bots, we promise that we are working on it and we will find a more efficient way to deal with them.

Kind regards! :shield:

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We have reported some issues making the reports quite annoying - 100 blocked players limit, absence of the reporting button in mail etc.
Does AGS work on fixi of these please?

Thanks for answer.

long story short: I once was owner of private server for an MMO.

I had bot problem too, and I managed to make easy fix, with zero cost.

Create a script, that is triggered by bot actions, and use it to simply teleport that character to a zone under textures, where you can not use songs or unstuck, and no access to mail box and storage.
The bots will be trapped inside a game, and they will just leave the game.

And I got an idea.

If the presence of game master would be visible on server. That might intimidate the boters and gold sellers too. And people banned would be globally announced. That would help to improve AGS face too. And it would boost player morale.