One skin per month?

Is this going to be the norm?


I hope it is not the norm, otherwise people will complain about the lack of variety and skins.

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It shouldn’t be the norm, but many believe that the reason that skins are being slowly rolled out is due to AGS mass censoring skins.

Of course I doubt this would be the case as it would only alienate people from trying to trust AGS to do the right thing for the future of Lost Ark.

But I think indeed of getting skins out, they’re trying to resolve issues, so things can then be rolled out properly.

However, we shall see what come in the near future, once we start to get the other classes released from April onwards.

We don’t know why it’s been delayed or it’s taking longer to release a good amount of skin.
(There is a good reason why peoples are afraid of censorship.)

An answer from the CM would be nice to give a bit more clear on the current situation, why it’s taking longer to release the skins.

Let not forget there is a lot of skins available in the Korean version.

During the release, I expected we could have at least 3 skins in the Cash Shop and I’m kinda disappointed we got only 1 (I don’t count the Founder pack.)

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Don’t trust anything the CMs say @Teasa.

Most of the time they’re clueless or just lie until we find out the truth for ourselves.

Well, the problem isn’t the CM who is doing his job but the higher up.

Well we all know AGS’s management are inexperienced with how they run their own company and how they rely information for the communication team to do their jobs.

But that is what happens when AGS hired the majority of their staff from Amazon Books, where none of them had any gaming industry experience.

I think that have one director who worked for Take Two. But again most of the higher management don’t have a clue when it comes to gaming, they’re just about company management, which it’s clear they need to go back to university or some night classes at least xD


They said they’re gonna do updates once a month, so not just skins, literally everything is going to be dried out and by the time anyone gives a shit we’ll all be fossils with no money left to spend. Sucks but if you plan to play through all of this it’s going to be painful waiting for the things you care about imo you’re better off just “time skipping” by doing other shit until they catch up to KR

Or trying to play on another server, only problem is region lock bans and having to fuck around with vpns