One time a decent gift

you give a perfect gift and you really have to give 100boxes of battles items without selection, do you even pay attention to what you give out or you are just casually eating turkey with one hand and clicking with the other? 1st of april isnt here just yet.

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they dont play the game, so how are they supposed to know which item they should pick as a gift xd


Maybe the reward chest its the wrong chest,rng granade chest its not bad at all,all granades are useful

Every chest is good, i have 100 more pots than before, ill just delete any green pot is that easy

sheesh, such character development exist
from complaining people for getting 18 x 10 pheons into grateful person

Wait what? i need more context, i dont remember complaining for pheons, unless you are talkign about OP

i suppose you are completely fine with everything thats happening in this game, you re actually actively participating in its impending doom. One thing works in these situations, complaining. As a customer thats my right. I would appreciate a decent experience without dcs and 0 gifts. But yeah call me a crybaby for wanting the minimun effort from developers. If i slap you in the face and give 5 euros everytime you ll be ok with that and wont cry right?

No im not okay with the DCs or the Classes release cadence, so what? a free gift its always welcome lmao and yeah you are a cry baby for complaining about a GIFT, go and complain about the DCS or something really worth to complain for.

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the issue is that they dont even pay attention to what they are giving out,it seems so careless and spur of the moment, like give them something so they ll shut up. Thats my complaint.

pls tell me if i open 10 out of 100 chests in one chars whats gonna give me 25 electric grenades etc?

what am i gonna do with those?

LMAO seriously wtf are they thinking we open each character and hope for the one we need? as i said they are joke ahhaha

lets pray i get some WD for my calliligos or else i ll be throwing electric and frost grenades lmao

oh yea and lets use the green pots for brel g6, its definitely gonna work

An update on this.

Are you sure these extra items are safe to use, or are you going to make people negative in battle items somehow? Maybe just nuke their pheons again for good measure?

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its only 1 of each not 100

claim it, and it will give you 100 of that β€œ4 battle item chest”