One would think that during all this mess -->

Amazon, AT THE VERY LEAST would disable Shop purchases until the issues are fixed.

Guess we can all see what are the priorities here.


Why? If you willingly buy from the store knowing that they are having server issues then that is completely on you.

Completely on me? If gas station put water in the dispensary and said “Sorry folks, there might be an issues with refuelling, we are working on it” you think it’s my fault if they let me tank anyway and charging me for it? xD

I don’t know where you living but it’s time to get out of the woods, lol.

Companies should take some responsibility for their f%$# ups, not being white-knighted by customers…

I hope I didn’t offend your precious Amazon. Pffff, what a joke. Also, don’t choke. Just… don’t choke.


If a customer decides that its still worth it to pay for something with how the servers are, even with the limited game access they have, then they are allowed to do so. Not letting any players purchase anything because it isn’t optimal just harms the consumer.