One Year Anniversary Trailer


This is the single best trailer AGS has put out to date, including the release ones from a year ago. This is the way to go, it promotes the game in all the best ways and accomplishes everything that trailers before that didn’t. Hopefully future ones retain this level of quality, you guys certainly deserve the praise this time. Good job!


Glad to hear people are enjoying it! I’ll be sure to pass the praise along to the folks that made it :slight_smile:


Clips of the real gamers vs actors.

Real gamers win!

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trailer is ok but still no marketing and hype for the game itself like korea does like the online page where you can see skin for example, big forum population and participation etc

i hope we get nice skins for once cause second anniversary are mehh

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Now that you are here, please consider do something like this to promote every new skin set, it will make people want to buy the skins which means more money to AGS…
you guys could also do a video showing off the skins and possible dye combinations.

Way better than the flying gaming desk video we got…

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even I will admit that this promo video is by miles WAY BETTER than the desk video (god i cringe just by remembering it…).

sad to not see representation from the korean fellows (they play a big part in the global community whether you like it or not) nor smaller but more helpful / more critical content creators. but I guess PR just took footage of people AGS have worked with before.

while it is not the most amazing promo in the world, it is in the right direction. hope to see more like this, but better.

They’re not done with the WESTERNIZATION of the SKINS (aka censoring) >.<

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You talking about the artist?


But they haven’t censored any skin yet o3o

Booooobies galore. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Pass on to the team to stop making those cringe live action ads

Do you know when the west will get the new customization options KR got this week?

Probably around march