Ongoing issues with no report on progress/ETA on resolution: A compilation

I’ll add issues as I find them/they’re requested. These are the couple that stick out, aside from the usual litany of lockouts consumed in error/no rewards/etc.

  1. Rapport items for certain NPCs giving less rapport than intended:
    Favorite Rapport Items for certain NPCs not giving full amount
    Rapport item gives wrong points, is it a bug?
    Lenora rapport issue
    Prideholm Neria has no loved rapport item anymore

  2. Item stuck to cursor, preventing other mouse actions/interaction with chat
    Icon/things stuck on cursor/cursor not working
    Transformation hotkey deletes item, stuck to cursor
    Icon Stuck to Mouse Cursor Bug
    Icon stuck on mouse
    Mouse And Click Bug
    Drag an drop bugged

  3. Missing wandering merchants in some areas
    Wandering merchant does not appear
    Wandering Merchant not showing up?
    Wandering Merchants missing after reset..?


Bumping to add: Please feel free to add your own evidence that these issues persist, or as stated above, of other longstanding issues. Thanks!