Only 1 founders pack per steam account!

I know it’s been confirmed that we can buy multiple different founders packs…

But Amazon writing this on their site still scares me from purchasing another… :sweat_smile:


Start from the platinum just in case and if not possible, refund the others :smiley:

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I’ve seen quite a few screenshots of people posting their Steam page showing multiple founder’s packs bought and applied to their account. So unless AGS has changed their stance in the last 24 hours what they have written on their website is incorrect.

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You can have one of each founders pack. Not everything stacks, but most of the stuff does.

We know… But someone at Amazon doesn’t.

You’d think that a multi dollar :upside_down_face: company such as amazon would be better at this kind of stuffs

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Here’s an image showing what does and does not stack.

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To clarify, it is only one Founder’s Pack of each type per Steam account – you can’t redeem two platinum packs to one account


so if you have gold and platinum does only one work?

The two posts above you answers your question.

You should actually read first :stuck_out_tongue:
You can buy one of each. So if you have gold + platinum, you get both.

I really don’t know how much clearer Roxx could have said it. Try to read next time.

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my bad everyone was quickly looking through this on my phone