Only 61 World Tree Leaves obtainable?

There are rewards for up to 72 World Tree Leaves, but only 61 leaves in the game, which is not even close to enough to complete the track. Does anyone know where the others will be coming from? Is there a whole tool/trade skill missing from the western version of the game right now or something?

I know there’s a similar shortage on Island Souls, but only by a few, so I presume there are at least a few more islands planned for later to resolve those.

the missing continents that are yet to be implemented in our version

Are World Tree Leaves tied to specific continents? It was my understanding that all of them are random drops from gathering anywhere in the world.

Whilst there random they weren’t added in KR until the addition of further continents. So once there added they’ll be obtainable.

You’ll also notice that there are only 93 island souls (1 of which is unobtainable) yet there are rewards for collecting 95 island souls.

I see. The Island Souls made sense to me, since new content would naturally add more of them later, but I didn’t see any reason for Leaves to be limited by the number of continents/islands available, since the leaf drops don’t care where you are. I suppose it’s just arbitrarily tied to those releases then.

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