Only endgame content in june for hardcore gamers. nobody think about "casuals"

Plenty of “casual” content coming alongside the raids.

not in June tho. The topic started with “June update”. The answer contains content for Sep+ not even announced atm.

well he specificly quoted the Abyss Trial. that he never heard of.
and this is part of the roadmap:

i checked the roadmap, when it was released. it could be that i read about abyss trials but forgot it. the roadmap came out 20 days ago.

U have to be the super Casual player…
One of my friend is already 1445+ and he barely plays maybe 2h when he has time

Idk what do you expect about content, there is no reason to release stuff for lower ilvl, just events
and you dont have to be hardcore to do the endgame, you had your focus somewhere else,
maybe its time for you to jump in ilvl after all the free stuff

Even if they release abyss Trial its only once a week

Yeah this is another stupid activity that you can once again do only one time per roster

islands, collectables or other things i dont know what would be possible. but there are for sure many options to find

Looks like you had your focus on collectibles, island and probably adventure tome
Like i said above change your focus to jump in ilvl with your main class and you will see how fast you reach 1415 and thats not hardcore at all after nearly 5 months

New island etc wont come that fast only with big updates or new continents

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