"Only nobles from allied strongholds can exchange"?

Does anyone know what this restriction is and how to become a noble with another’s stronghold? I found rare merchant selling a legendary sailor at a random stronghold but cannot purchase it due to this restriction. Any information here would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

Some players have restrictions on who can buy maybe. I know there are options that limits things to only on friend list. This may be the case here.

Ye its the restriction some players put on their strongholds. Just leave a stronghold if you encounter that and maybe ask in area chat of islands if people have that merchant. Most ppl are helpful

Where can i restrict this?

Top left of your stronghold screen should be a place to edit name and permissions.

Thank you! And why this does exist? Can anyone steal things from my stronghold? :thinking:

To make exclusive clubs. Also merchants sometimes sell valuable things so you don’t want Randoms taking it when you’re friends might need

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Steal? They can harvest your materials if you have the setting on to allow them to harvest your materials.

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Like my chest is public? Or how so?

The life skill areas are limited resources that replenish daily. If you have unrestricted access they can harvest those resources.