Only one skin was added since launched 2 month

its ridiculous. guys


2 skins, but definitely not enough. We need more skins!

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it is generally acknowledged that there were some hundred skins in RU/KR


They gonna tell you that you got new animal skins, so they wont add next :rofl:


oh I hope not…


It was like give me a punch in the head


i think its funny because meanwhile pso2ngs in the west is like, “here’s your revamped bunny girl outfit”

They need time censoring the outfits. It ain’t easy ya know?


They still released the old one everyone wanted. thank god.

We need more skins and hairstyles asap. Also bring back the presets that were removed.

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I know I’m probably in the minority in this weeb-centric game but…

those animal skins are the worst thing that’s happened to this game so far lol

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Counterpoint: Those animal skins were the best thing to happen to the game so far.


I can’t even properly criticize it without looking like a hypocrite. I wanted LA “as is” with the skins and such. The whole package also includes these cringy outfits.
I havent played since Thursday, but every pvp match I see it really makes me cringe.

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Sharing this from another thread…

We touched on this with our message from SGR –

Existing skins in the Korean version were released before some classes, requiring art and development time to rig models with skins for newer classes and the special weapons that accompany them.

Classes like the Striker and Gunslinger currently don’t have many skins available to them, and to start we want to make sure we are releasing skins that all Classes can use so that players across the board can have access to these options. We also understand there isn’t currently a wide backlog of skins in the game like in some other versions, so we happy to get that feedback.

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This honestly smells like you want to censor the more revealing skins, and the art department is working on that…

And I think its already clear that we want the skins as they are, its game rated with M+ after all.
Also, as many I know agrees, we dont care if 1 or 2 classes dont get outfit straigth away, so it has been in other mmos too, it makes the classes feel more unique too…


oh god please, don’t give them any ideas, not this.

Most people don’t care if their class has less skins if you would just release all classes.

Release all classes, look that every class has around 10 skins to choose from and that’s it. Even when some of those skins are different between classes, that’s more understandable than using this excuse as excuse to not release skins or classes.


Yeah and they gave the BS excuse of… models need rigging or something even though we can see skins that have been out for years for classes in the game right now.
They meant to say… Skins need to be covered up before release. OR! They just flat out lied because they want to drag them out more?


If this is censorship related (sorry, “Westernization”) just tell us this time. You can release a backlog easily and you know this is what we’re talking about, is the resistance on your end, or SGR? If you don’t address the elephant in the room this issue will just come up more. It makes the consumer feel stupid to blame the problem on rigging if you have even a passing idea of how games work.

The existing Korean skins are incredibly well done, and nobody is talking about wanting new skins that require rigging. That… well it smells like rubbish. There’s a three year trove you’re sitting on and there’s got to be a reason why it hasn’t gone anywhere.

We don’t require “new” skins. We just want some catchup. Rehashing this talking point does absolutely nothing but make the issue more of a firebrand. It’s at best an excuse and at worst an upfront lie that you’re passing down to us.

We don’t like being treated like we’re stupid.


This just god damn release all the classes… how hard can it be? Oh it’s not hard it’s just so you can make more money…


At this rate we’ll get all the skins by about 2029. Amazon wants to sell skins to 50k players and not 800k players apparently.