Only one skin was added since launched 2 month

@Roxx. If you tell me your overall goals with skins that are spicy. I will stop being stuck in tin foil hat theory and realize there is nothing more I can do. I will either accept it or quit, I will not rage on the forums. Promise <3. But you leave many of us with hope and frustration that just letting us know your plans would really stop so much of this.


Not even the spicy ones there’s actually tons of just “cool” stuff they’re dodging which could completely circumnavigate the issue. They’re just sitting THE ENTIRE BACKLOG and saying nothing.

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guys calm down remember when they said, “we are releasing skins at a faster rate than they were originally in Korea, and we will continue listening to player feedback about the tempo of their release. Similarly, classes will be released faster, and our goal is to catch-up! As we release new content into the game, we want to add new classes that compliment that content.” 3 weeks later no new skins lol


As a regular in the sexy skins thread. I know basically all the skins in the game at this point. I agree we could have the general skins atm… We could have plenty of fine and in line skins.

I just want to take this tin hat off. IT’S KILLING MY HEAD. q.q

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Do you know how many cosmetics were available in KR when Tier 3 came out? These are fair requests. RU/JP also received a cosmetic catchup backlog. There’s something going on in the discussion at Amazon and all we’re getting is the same bit from them over and over.

yes, it was a joke, the funny part was when they said “we are releasing skins at a faster rate than they were originally in Korea”


Ooooh. I just reread your post and feel dumb. Carry on :sweat_smile:

They’re busy trying to figure out how to censor the skins.

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just give us the other classes

This isn’t even necessary for them to release the backlog of aesthetics, it’s a non-sequitur in this thread.

That’s definitely what they’re doing.

Our version of the game is trash. The whole entire publishing staff is absolute garbage.


hahahaha the game is 3 years old and you say that these 2 classes do not have enough skins? Korea has 1 million skins in the game but here there are not enough. What if enough the lost ark of Amazon are cheap excuses.

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I don’t believe with all the complaints they are getting they would open another huge wormhole by releasing censored outfits. The outcry would be even bigger than the Argos one. Even AGS can’t be that stupid.
Imo they just think they can make make profit by releasing the skins slowly.

You can release the latest ones then, would only have to adapt to sorc i think?

It’s a completely rubbish and canned response and should be apologized for because it makes us look dumb. It’s disappointing. AGS is doubling down on a lie handed to them from SGR.

Because you don’t like what I write, I’ll stop saying what I think. disappointing you are that with every word that amazon tells you you believe it. they just give you round and round but you don’t realize it, keep blind with what they tell you

No, game is damn good, its purely just AGS issues Communicating with us and that they obviously are extremely scared to tell the truth/give us something that some twitter-andys would hate, bc how easily it will backfire on them.

This is literally just terrible communication error, AGS still has the kit to fix the issues, give us the game as it should be released, listen to right sources of feedback (Long term veteran players/streamers from KR/RU)
Game is beautiful, like flower that AGS prevents from going full bloom


Just release the new ones in KR… they will work in all classes.


You could still release what skins you do have for those classes alongside the others, there is no good reason to keep skins out of the game and money out of your own pocket. Unless… you are continuing to censor skins or overall indecisive about how to approach this issue.

You telling me gunslinger and striker have 0 skins? You can’t even release 1?


Censored for criticizing Omen skins in a thread that has an undercurrent about censorship. I love irony!