OOPS, AGS web team didn't get the memo. 🤣

I’m just trying to help at this point, this seems to be a bit early

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Doesn’t show that it’s released, the way I’m reading it that looks like it’s planned for release in the month of April.

the big banner says RELEASES

it literally says it, right there.

Releases != Released


oh right, right

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RELEASES and RELEASED are 2 different words.

One means it’s coming in the future, the other that it’s here.


Yea, that doesn’t mean it’s released. That’s a planned release. That’s why there’s no exact date and instead an exact month.

oh wow I can’t believe they don’t have a giant banner that says

“RELEASED” because that sounds so good in english

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You guys know this was not supposed to go live, right?

There’s a time when Lost Ark team from AGS thanks the players for keep playing New World…
I don’t have the link but you get the point…
It was on Asmongold video

Tbh, they could add a date to it though. “Coming 21st” or something like that, instead of just saying April. Now that we know the date.

Would make it foolproof :+1:

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that would take absurd levels of communication, like at least one phone call, not gonna happen

Goes atleast through 3 different people, 2 of them need to sign off on it and the 3rd needs to ask a 4th person to make a change.

This was in reply mails at the start of Lost ark, they said “Have fun in New world” and stuff like that at the bottom.

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Have you seen the translations in game?

Yeah actually the fan patch for RU was better in a lot of ways, why?

Because fans care my friend, fans care.

The times I was shocked by the translation on my first character go in the dozens.
Now I am not even surprised anymore by the lackluster work they did with translation and voice acting.

People literally finding anything they can to try and ride that AGS hate train dick.


tbh this is warranted, and AGS is still digging out of the whole they dug for themselves since release.

They have done a few good things, but it still hasnt outweighed the mishandling


Releases with a date has a different meaning than RELEASED with a date.

Essentially that banner just gives the information that it will be released in the month of April.

Don’t bring logic into this discussion, there’s no place for it! Just grunt and get mad at AGS and SG.