Open field party updates. Who hasn't partied with 1 single person while questing outside dungeons? In over 2 weeks? & Pvp feature requests too

Ye. Open field party updates are SUPER needed. (_’.’). So many people haven’t met 1 single party member outside of dungeons. Than matchmaking is cross server so you don’t stay friends with those. So the only place to hang is town. Tho questing most don’t do together, even tho theirs a party window. While someone is going to reply with a few niche examples of grabbing a friend to kill a world boss or something. It’s not enough.

For the most part, parties are only for dungeons in this game & the future of this game or asap updates, should be about giving players, more reason to party outside of dungeons. & More rewards or items, that free players get from these outdoor parties, that benefit them. In a way that gains edge over whales. Nontradable items. Non auction items too. For party quest rewards. Outside of dungeons. Open world. Less lanes. Less tunnels. Open world. Land maps that look like the sailing maps. Open world expansions.

Stop timegating content, release everything in 2 weeks & start working on open field expansion packs. Plus the pvp’ers want rewards, gvg maps, 10vs10 pvp maps, pvp mounts, pvp fashion rewards, new pvp maps, better pvp skill trees, more skills to the original N/A classes, & honor systems.

So Open field party updates for PVE’rs with items that whales can’t obtain through auction houses. & Open field maps for pvp’ers to party together with, that have a equal skill lvl against item lvl whales. Equal playing field for pvp against whales.

Why not just have them both. Why do devs keep seperating pvp & pve. Open pvp, around a world boss, around a pve quest, all happening at the same time, during a group vs group siege, & quests amongst the siege for pve’rs. Both. PVE + PVP maps, same time, not seperated genres. Just throw world bosses at people while a pvp 10vs10 is happening, is that so hard.

Tho to return to the threads theme: Open field party maps, talk about that, since I went off track with pvp. Tho pvp’ers want party open field maps too.

Or simply share if you haven’t partied with 1 single person in these past 2 weeks, many haven’t. Guild recruiting on chat, isn’t really a good way to recruit, nobody knows what the good way is either. So the social aspects of guilds don’t seem to be blooming. Maybe later. Still the game should do a lot more, to help the social aspects of the game. & so far all we have is cross server matchmaking dungeon parties. For social. As regular quests are mainly a solo npc walker experience.

The best social aspects to any mmorpg ever.
Were 1) Guild Wars 2 party radius circles. 8/10 rating. Would get a 10/10 if questing radius area circles, for multiple random people to start questing together in a area radius; IF those areas had people continue to quest together for various reasons afterwards. Than GW2 open field quest circles, would score a 10/10. Tho they don’t. People run off after the quest area is done with & they don’t quest together again, usually. So it’s not effective enough. So 8/10 only.

or 2) Ragnarok Online front of Prontera grassfields, near a bench. Had a area away from shop windows. To summon bosses with items on the grass, for people or random mobs. To drop items to gift. To have guilds actually have unintentional guild hangout areas. Where other games have guilds hangout at isolated guild channels, or seperate rooms away from people. It’s better to have guilds hangout amongst the people. Perhaps with banners, guild grasslands. Near towns. For any mmorpg. Not barracks, or guild housing. No. Outside banners near grassfields for social areas, near trading districts. That’s where people find eachother to quest to. Most mmo’s don’t have that.

Bump. This is like the 2nd thread I wrote about this game’s content or needing features. & Instead we got people replying to lame things like EU servers & dungeon topics. That’s generic. Talk about something more awesome like OPEN FIELD PARTIES & PVP MAPS. Or anything not related to dungeons, twitch, or eu servers.