Open kazeros server in south america, we want to play with our friends

Open kazeros server in south america, we want to play with our friends.


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It is of utmost importance that we can play with our friends, a game is no fun when you play it alone. I kindly ask to open up the creation of new characters on the Kazerus server.

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we would like to know too!

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i will help you too, i’m having the same problem.

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Bump. We aren’t giving up on KAZEROS. #freeKAZEROS!


bro if they open the server everyone will join and we will have 10k queue just like the servers in Europe, and then people will start baby crying because of the queue

the server is limited so there is a balance to every server, once people start leaving after the streamer hype, then it will open so it can get more players and balance again

daqui a pouco o yoda e o skipinho cansam do jogo :pray:

At least give us the option to go thru queues. I want the option to choose between waiting to play or not being able to PLAY AT ALL. I don’t care about big streamers and their communities. I got friends waiting for me there, they already espend money, they are already invested in their characters and our guild. Not having a conversation about that sucks.



abran el server hijosdeputa

For you that’s okay, for some on this forum queues are the most absurd thing ever


Maybe that’s why its called having an option. lol

Do you really think that? All the hyped minions has already start to play and will not restart just to play on their server, the only who still waiting is us who have friends or guilds on that server and really need to wait, I don’t think that is too many people enought to take down the server.
And they know that, they just don’t looks to like to see one server with much more players than others, they want to all servers have similar player base what is praticaly impossible looking back all other mmos in the past.

Every option has two sides, forcing a queue does not leave an option to those who don’t want a queue. It sucks but it truly is that way, those who created the character first, unfortunately, don’t want a queue. Don’t get me wrong, I also couldn’t create my character there.

I mean, you are very correct, I do agree with you, but there’s always a risk, again don’t get me wrong, I also consider the character lock a very terrible thing, I want to create on Kazeros myself, but I would hate to create a character and then spend 1 hour on queue