Open letter to AGS team: stop being cheapo

If you cant fix the bots (you can’t; be honest), at least buy better servers to let us play the game.

The situation now with 350k “players” (non players) is worse than in February 2022 with 2M people, when party finder etc didnt work at all for 2-3 weeks.

Please don’t be cheap, dont wait for Lost Ark 2. Use your resources on improving your crap servers (or buying more) rather than censoring skins, so your playerbase may play the game on Holidays.


they are too busy sitting in their chairs doing nothing as they have already said they don’t plan to have large advertisements because of bots/dc’s and then flying CM’s like ROXX around city to city to their HQ to talk about lost ark despite not even advertising or planning anything for lost ark…

fly people to KR HQ to find the problem with dc’s? umm it’s been 2 months I guess they got a free vacation too.

they waste a lot of money…for nothing.


Wdym worse?
I mean, yes, we’re not good, but worse? C’mon, be realistic at least.

No its not worst what the heck are you talking about lol

Every indication seems to point to either side (AGS/SG) being completely clueless about what is causing the dc’s. We’ve had so many attempts at solutions that I’ve lost track. Does seem standard though now.

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bad wording, probably English. I was trying to say that with 2M players its understandable there were problems, but not with 350k. I used the words “we are worse now”, and I was trying to say now there is no excuse.

Sorry my wording, I used worse in that context, my bad.

Ever stop and think that we are on Winter Break and a lot of schools including work are celebrating the Holidays? This means a lot of free time.

This includes AGS.

But yes you are right about more likely server overloading. Also, you are right about the bots. Bots have been around since the start of the game… Are we just having problems now?

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Pretty sure they have been downgrading servers more n more over time lol. Probably dont make enough money to cover everything, games been a sinking ship.

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but bruh, panties are a trigger word for them… I can already see the next Amazon western norm requirement :Everyone is forced to cover their panties before logging in.


Just have to love it, now the “player base” is starting to accuse Amazon of being a cheapo. You can’t make this stuff up.


there not clueless, they know exactly what’s causing it they just refuse to do anything about it.
All the error’s people get with the DC’s are related to EAC.
What does our version have that no other version has? EAC
What is the problem? EAC

It doesn’t take a genius to work it out.


I hope they switch from EAC to VAC

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Tbh the game is worse now than what it was at launch. Granted i had to wait 8 hours to get to play but at least i didn’t crash every 15-30 minutes.

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so people paid millions of $ for them just to see those people doing nothing on their chair , what a nice deal

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