Open letter to AGS/Smilegate? A possibility?

Hello everyone,

I certainly don’t need to say much more about the current roadmap and what it says. As usual, a large part of the players is overheard, if not ignored. Decisions are being made that are certainly not particularly conducive to the game, decisions that have the goal of making AGS as much profit as possible.

Here in the forum AGS simply has too many possibilities to moderate, to delete, to overhear the wishes of the players. Why not create an open letter, hosted outside the forum and thus without access possibility for AGS, to make the playerbase heard?

I would probably do it myself but English is not my native language, so it might make sense to have someone who is perfectly capable of the language do it.

I’m curious how long the post will last :slight_smile:


The forum is like an open letter.

Not correct since there are too many options for moderation here.

They don’t care. They are just gunna do what they want at the end of the day.

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They delete posts they dont like, so they wont read the open letter.


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