Opened my gift at wrong region

I was playing in eu central and there were no gifts . after that i switch to the eu west for claim daily rewards and i realize there is a gift in my product inv. i though its special to eu west because amazon announced it everywhere. i took it .now i see product include all regions and servers i accidently take my gift to 1 level account that im not gonna play again so how can i return my eu west gift , i wanna use on my main account at Sceptrum please help me

I am playing at eu central server normally, but when I saw that you sent a gift on the euw server, I wanted to check gifts . actually I don’t play there, it was a mistake, I’m not trying to abuse it, help me

sorry for my grammer hope you understand me

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There is no help unfortunately. Support doesn’t provide items again that players claimed by a mistake in wrong servers.

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but it was not my fault. while im logging out there were no gift so that is some kind of server lag etc. im simply asking delete my euw acc and send gift again or asking for transfer. its not a big deal cause 1 Million player recieve it its common now they not gonna lose anything if they send again

yea same. i talked with two different live support. one of them send ticket to the AGS as they said they are gonna contact us with e-mail but struggling about being positive

thats the point this is kinda their mistake cause we didnt recieve gift cause of server lags. and im sure there is a lot of people have this problem to. first they announce euw and everybody check gifts and server and then not wanna be offensive but they ‘‘scammed’’ us with this. imagine all of your friends have winged horse im losing my hype when i think about it

They did say many times not to rush opening your gifts. It was said in many post from Roxx and others, so this is on you. Do not except any compensation.

how can i know it. i dont rush anything. how could i know the exact time that theye were going to send launch gift. simply i logged out and before i go to sleep i took euw gifts thats all. and there were no gifts at euc. im asking for delete my gifted acc and send the gift again. is that really hard for a biggest company in the world ?

So you were trying to claim “free 30 days crystalline aura” and got karma’d? :smiley:

They won’t do this, that is gonna be treated as special treatment and there s gonna be another big issue post

This is pretty much exactly the same issue that founders had, by redeeming their packs on a server they regretted… sadly, there is no help.

I spoke to multiple support members within launch week, trying to ask for a solution to get my founder pack returned. However, no luck. If they won’t can’t help over paid items, I doubt they will be able to help with a free gift :frowning:

That was actually the mistake of said players they selected that server and redeem their packs there, LA got nothing to do with that they didn t open your packs for you.

i got are the high priority costumer but your thing is kinda abuseable however this is a common gift from now cause it was free.

(sorry for you :frowning: )

But that’s exactly what you just did…

I didn’t do shit yet, cause i m waiting for them to fix their crappy store

but also they send the gift to euw but not to euc is that really %100 my mistake or am i normal person which is easly missunderstand euw gifts

imagine you can see item euw but not euc wow. and then they are going to say its not refundable great

That happened cause their servers are shit, i just got the notification that i have something in my store after 10 hish ?

I feel bad for you too, because it is annoying for sure. However, in-game banner (below chat window) is currently warning you that redemption are once per account, and to be careful. You also get a big “are you sure?” reminder when trying to redeem from product inventory too.

I don’t mean to poop on your parade, just wanted to share my experience about the fact that amazon 100% will NOT be able to help you. They are limited by their in-game tools, apparently, which were built by smilegate. If that is the case, then no matter how much they want to help, they can’t.

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i got you but in my perspective i got two accounts one of them in euw region one of them is euc if they going to send any gift etc. they should send both. and yes i clicked yes button by will consider of that after that i realize :frowning:

and thank you for being helpful

There are issues, plain and simple. Thats why they offered 2nd copy for founders. Putting this all on the user is wrong. Maybe they dont reimburse anymore, so be it. But this isn’t 100% user fault.

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yea. agreed. do you have the same problem ? maybe we can start campaign or something for that problem