Opened the free anniversary skin but weapon chest is class bound


I opened the chest you got from the event shop on my bard planning to use the weapon chest on my scrapper and the actual skin chest on someone else since they were separated chests, but after opening, it looks like the weapon chest is class bound to my bard whereas the skin chest is roster bound. Was this intentional? Could I get some help with this?

Name: Blossomknight
Server: Bergstrom NA-West

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Hey there @nlnabae

When opening the first chest, the skin chests inside will be specific for the class it was opened on as weapon skins are specific for each specialized class, in this case if you wanted to revert this and open the chest on your scrapper instead you can try contacting our Support Team directly and request the reversal of the accidental chest opening, to do this follow this link and click the web ticket button:

Make sure to explain your situation in detail for the issue to be resolved in the most efficient way possible!

See you in Arkesia!