Opened Welcome Challenge on wrong character


I recently hit 1340 on my main and opened the Abyssal Dungeon Orehas Well 1 Welcome Challenge for Guardian Stone x1500 and Destruction Stone x500 accidently on a low ilvl Alt. Is there a way I can get these on my main?

Server : Una
Main Character - Kunpaf Bard
Alt who incorrectly opened mats - Jokerblast Artillerist
Region US East

Hello @dwalt68

Thank you for share this topic it would be a pleasure to help you find the way to solve it.
Lets try this: Move those items to the “Roster Storage” from the character that owns them.
Then you log in your main and you might be able to collect those from that storage.

You can access the “Roster Storage” from your pet functions or from any storage NPC in the cities.

Let me know if that helps hero!


The Destruction and Guardian stones are character bound for some reason from the Welcome Challenge . When I purchase an Item from Mari’s shop for example it checks with the user to make sure they want to accept it on that specific ilvl character and their name .

When you accept a welcome gift it doesn’t do that. As these materials are super rare and hard to come by at tier 3 in the game , I would really love to get them on the correct character that completed the welcome challenge .



bump - any help?

Hi @dwalt68

Thank you for your answer and yes that is correct i have try to reproduce this issue by myself and those items will be character bound once you claim them.
Regular “Honing Items” canbe trade by the roster storage but unfortunately those are totally bounded and cant be moved to another character.

Keep gaming hero!

So I am asking if I can get the Tier 3 items claimed on a ilvl 460 alt switched to my actual 1345 to use them.

Why are the Welcome Challenge mats character bound and not roster bound like everything else. It was a mistake on my part opening on the wrong character but I am sure many people have done this.

Is there like a GM I can talk to?

Bump, this doesn’t make sense, it should be changed to roster and not bound, like a thousand other things… if it can’t be done manually then escalate the feedback to developers, these rewards should be roster rewards.

It is an achievement that you do once per server, what reason is there for it not to be from the roster, it only negatively affects the player

PS: The same thing happened to me xd

The issue is, roster bound mats don’t exist, like literally they do not exist in the game. Only tradable and char bound do exist. If they were to make them tradable people would be able to sell them or trade them from other accounts to their main if they so wished.

I know it is not the best design, and char bound mats should indeed be roster bound but the game is not designed like that at least atm. Again, I wish it changed at some point.

So as you said, you messed up and you need to pay the price for it sadly (just like in real life) for the reason I’ve stated above. Those might look like a lot of mats but they are barely 3-4 days worth of farm on a single character so don’t be too discouraged, keep going at it and just leave those mats for your alt so he can reach 1325 faster and help your main once there, the benefit will be much higher that way. Stay positive!