Openned my founder pack on the wrong character


I opened the founder pack on the wrong character. I have the skins still in the boxes. Would you be able to help me move them to another character?



It’s impossible. The info is on the webiste.

If I purchase another founders pack would I be able to transfer the skins?

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@Kirra I do apologize for any inconveniences but it is as @Cayman says, once redeemed we cannot transfer the skins to another character nor server.

To answer your second question, yes you can get a second pack and redeem the items from your second found pack on any other character.

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Hi, I can tie the 2nd founders pack on my current account? If so, how may i do so?


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You can get a “founder pack” of each type per account. Which means you can get a "bronze founder, “a silver pack” and a gold one per Lost Ark account.

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The exclusive skins are only available on the Platnium pack. So it means that it would not be possible for me to get another skin for my character it seems?

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Yes, you are correct. Northern Lawmaker is only available on the Platinum pack.

I do apologize for any inconveniences.

I joined a server but since the game doesnt show you the chat until u leave the church ingame, i assumed all was well and openend my platinum founders pack. Seems it was a full french speaking server, which i for obvious reasons don’t want to play on. So now i have a pet, a mount, 2 skins in boxes and all other things on a server that i won’t play for which i payed a lot of money for. Some will argue that it’s my own fault for not doing a thorough research on this matter but i feeI like this should not be a matter that a new player should do thorough research on and that could be easily resolved by making the chests/pets/mounts accountbound. I hope you see the issue here and report this so that hopefully something can be done.


If you have all the skins still in the boxes, they are not bound to your character yet. Put them into your account storage and take them with the second character.

Seems you can only switch them to character in same server, i tried

Why isn’t stuff account bound? We fork out a significant amount of cash only to have it be tied to a single character; what rip off! At least on ESO it’s tied to your account and shared across characters. I don’t have to buy the same junk for every damn character. Do a better job.


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@Qnzor thank you for the feedback, I do see your point. I’ll share this feedback but I cannot make any promises in this regard.

Just in case, I believe the following information might be useful if you are still searching for a server, we can use this “non-official guide” created by the community as a reference for choosing a server:

@Mekhanezm @Qnzor thank you for taking the time to share your inputs, we do really appreciate it.

I can confirm it is as @Qnzor says:

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I opened a new steam account an bought a new premium pack :frowning:
If there is a resolution to this it would be much appreciated.

As he said, this pack should be bound to the account instead of a specific character…

There is so many different class, it is hard to choose one right at the start.
Was so hyped, so i started to play yesterday. Now, i learn that all my friends choosed a different server for some good reason and i want to go with them. I feel scam now that i can’t use my skins and stuff from the bundle i purchased… It is still in boxes in the bag of my other character.

For every future problem, the easiest solution is to make those skins account wide


Yes please, i got the exact same problem. I dont want to register a new steam Account just for Lost Ark.

Can I get a refund at least if I delete the character completely? This dumb one-time-only thing really just makes me not want to play the game at all… Which is frustrating because I even paid for this…

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Yeah, likewise, i would definite love a refund on my first account since I’ve been playing on my new account of course.

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Yes in the worse case, i can delete the character with the unopened chest to get a refund to be able to repurchase it. @Stooh

I’m having a similar issue. I created a second account to gift a Founders Pack of the same tier I got on my Steam account to a friend of mine, only to find out that it’s not possible to do so in game and Steam will not refund the Founders Pack because it’s a “consumable DLC”.

Now I have a second Founders Pack on a steam account I don’t need and I can’t refund it because this information wasn’t explained well. I’ve tried contacting Amazon support but they keep directing me to Steam and vice versa.

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