Opinion on valtan blind?

do you guys rush valtan for the accessories or you try it out for the mechanics works maybe not 100% blind but doing it for fun?

My group is attempting semi-blind. Hardstop mechanics will be reviewed one at a time if we seem to not be making any progress. While we love the idea of selling accessories, we certainly don’t need to be the first in the world to put them up.


Ofc I‘m doing it for fun.
I’ve watched a lot of streamers doing Valtan, so blind is something I can’t do anymore, which is fine.
But maybe I’ll join a blind group and hold my mouth shut to see how it looks like doing it blind. :slight_smile:

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Yah going semi-blind. I can’t say im blind cz i watch streams a lot and have seen the full fight ton of times. :slight_smile: It’s always fun when it comes to raids in any MMO

I think out of my group theres like 3 of us that wanna do it blind. Relic accessories are not just going to be expensive on Thursday. The first month is going to be wild with the prices.

i’m going to look some guides because i will probably going in a random group in the party finder and i don’t want to be the one to fuck up, but it’s will be my first time doing legion raid so i will try to find a semi-blind cutscenes watches group to play with in the first week, because it’s very likely that i will get hit in every attack and mechs.

i will try it blind with some friends. If we dont get anything done at the first 1-2 days we will watch the first guide for the first floor stage or whatever it will be

Ive already done it so im not doing it blind, but i wont spoil it for the people i will run it with as they wanna do it semi-blind[they know P1 but not P2]

I didn’t expect that… my guild members want to rush it… semi-blind is the best and the most fun…

Sure, you can go blind with a pug. You will end up logging off blind and dead.

Are you guys still looking for people to blind it?

I think were full but were starting at 1445 I dont know if all of us are ready or not you

Necroing this to specifically ask if you are planning on doing Vykas blind when it comes out.