Opinion poll on the server Asta

Dear community,

I am very interested in the mood and opinion on the server Asta.
The hope of Lost Ark was that the long queues would decrease or disappear due to the new west region.
This did not have the desired effect, at least not on our server.

I would be interested to know what your feelings are about the new server region that is hardly used, are you frustrated that you still have to queue to play and what are your biggest criticisms of the game at the moment.

For the sake of clarity, I would appreciate it if you could write the criticisms in a list below each other.

I would like to say emphatically, however, that I am asking for opinion here, criticism is welcome, but please no recriminations, against certain companies.

I look forward to reading from you.



P.S.: I know that the server Asta was set in advance by the German community as an unofficial server, which is why many German-speaking players are active on this server. Nevertheless, I would be grateful if you keep your answers in English so that most can understand you.
Thank you.

The current situation on Asta is horrible.

  1. Queue times are horrible. Playing with friends is a huge afford.
  2. Aura is nearly gone every day.
  3. Even can’t play with friends in dungeons.

I started a new char on EU west it’s a dream. No Queue times at all, arround the clock. Nice 99% German comunity.

I bought Platin Founders Pack + Gold Pack + all Twitch loot.
When you change your server you lose your progress of a week playtime.
You lose all Twitch loot. You lose all items which you bought on Asta and you didn’t get just a copy from your original purchase but only a small amount of it.

Why can’t you just copy the purchases and the packs to the new server?
A friend of me purchast 5 char slots on Asta to register some of his names for future classes. And all purchaes are lost. Thats 40 EUR.

So if Amazon can’t compensate his customers, why should the change the server ans lose money?

Why does Amazon give a second small package of founders pack even to the people who wouldn’t change the server?

Why it’s possible to join as a f2p player to an totally overloaded server?

Too many questions about the wrong decissions.

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