Option to Disable Chat in Proving Grounds

PvP in any sort of game can be very toxic due to other players taunting to stroke their own ego when it’s not necessary and I already don’t like this sort of poke, trying to catch, and waiting for the opponent to mess up to go in for the kill playstyle. Not only that, stats are equalized, but class skills aren’t so it’s very unpleasant for me to play this and with the new release of honing mats that can be acquired because I now feel forced to play this if I want to hone further.

In my opinion, this game mode is rage-inducing and not fun due to the playstyle aforementioned. I don’t like being taunted or taunting my opponents. I don’t like to force others to be censored so I would like to kindly request an option in the settings to disable all chat while PvPing in the Proving Grounds. Thank you.

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Set a new chat tab. Make it only show guild etc (if u want that.)

Or make it show nothing.

Name it pvp and switch to it when u enter pvp.