Optional gore in NA/EU

Have you considered making the gore toggleable? Just for people who can do without it, and maybe improve performance since there will be less particles and stuff?


also, give us an extreme gore option :laughing:


I wish it had an option for it, I really do


This!..I want limbs and rib cages hitting my screen and slowly dripping down…oh…and teeth…teeth flying!


I’m voting on all threads related to this. An option to disable gore


I just unlocked Chaos Dungeons and this is now even more relevant regarding performance!
It’s a really fun activity but all the gore flying everywhere with like 100 enemies is not good for the framerate!

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To be fair though, the game is already super optimized. What settings are you using and what hardware do you use? I bet i could run this thing on an old shitty gt 1030 i got lying around just fine.

Ive been a budget gamer for a while tho myself so no disrespect ofc. It would be a decent change for sure

They’re too busy censoring skins to bother with gore.
Apparently showing skin is more shocking than guts and bones exploding all over the place…


They have the know-how and option to do it. Apparently in 2016, the KR version disabled ALL gore, then re-introduced it back. If Amazon is nerfing the game, they certain can find out from Smilegate how they did it in the past and just implement it

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Now go love the blood.

Amazing that the game somehow removed gore and re-added it a full 3 years before it launched.

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Lol some people are missing the point of OP’s post. Its about increasing framerate and performance, not violence reduction.

He has a point but some games force shadows or antialiasing and make it hard to optimize on a low end pc. It is unlucky but part of the budget gamer struggle

I don’t know how soon they reimplemented the gore again.

Do you work for Amazon?

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No. Stop thinking someone works for Amazon whenever you dislike what they say, it’s getting real pathetic when people do that.

Then stop answering on their behalf :slight_smile:

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Doesn’t help so much with the gore, but for performance:

Having this set to only your party buffs and enemy effects cleans up the particle soup that becomes your screen with everyone around you blasting off nukes.


Thanks, that’s actually really helpful :heart:

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Most welcome :smiley:

I found it made a huge difference in being able to read boss mechanics as well, less distracting.

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Nope sorry, in US blood is ok but nudity isn’t, so you’ll have entrails on the ground everywhere but skin covered

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