[Optional] Ranked PvP-Arena with Friends

Hi there,

I wanted to ask if anyone knows the reason why there is no ranked arena pvp with friends in Lost Ark? a 2vs 2 or 3 vs 3 with friends would be nice.

I don’t want to change the current ranked pvp where you roll with people that should remain as it is. I would like to expand the ranked pvp that you can really optionally play ranked with friends.

Anyone who has played ranked pvp with friends in other games knows it, talking in teamspeak, the tension of who wins… legendary funny evenings. :wink:

Logically, there would be a separate ranking list for ranked with friends. not that this affects the existing ranked in any way.

Those who want to play ranked with friends have the option and the others can register solo.

too bad it doesn’t exist yet. what do you think?

I think this would be a nice addition and wouldn’t affect the current system.

see yah! :slightly_smiling_face:



It was already brought up in other threads, the main concerns were:

  • team meta
  • boosting
  • ruining it for non-premade

I also agree that if you allow premade in ranked, there’ll be boosting which will lead to paid boosting and heavy ad spam in chat.
Premade in ranked is just bad for a game’s PvP health.


i am totaly agree with you I think they must add Preamde in Rank
Or at least Duo 2vs2 Rank
or in 3vs3 Make Duo with one friend at least so it wont make “meta”
hope they will add it sometimes soon
pvp with friend make the game much more fun as a pvp player
i know if ppl will make noise about that so it could be happen :]

You can queue pvp with friends already, just not ranked.

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not the same. in normal ppl try builds and play for fun not really to win like you will “try hard” at pvp rank.

Yes, sorry, I’ve just seen that it’s going in the feedback forum this is discussed.

Premade or RIOT !

Duo queue can still have a disgusting impact on the game.
It will also likely create a “meta” with zerker/paladin or some other heinous duo and ruin the ladder for solo queue rankers.

If they made a separate ranked queue for duo/trio and you never ran into solo queue rankers then it’s fine and fair.
However if you want to queue as duo/trio against pugs then you are trolling and it should not be allowed. Especially since you can already do that in unraked 3v3 anyway.

yes henlo this is amason supor
we at amason gamez do not condone playin wit frend
thamk u for undestanding and sorry 4 inconvenienc
amason supor - pulham

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So in solo queue having Zerker or Paladin is best since as you said, they’re pretty brutal. What about the guy who’s playing fcking Deadeye huh ? The class is strong when supported by the right classes but in most of the case you’re gonna get fucked up by the random team you got because the hero has limited potential to shine alone.
But as you said, we’re not asking to remove Solo ranked but to add premade so it’s not even an issue.
Plus, what about the fcking TEAMPLAY huh ?! In what world coordination with mate on vocal is bad for competition ?! It just make the game better so i just dont understand ppl advocating for no premade… You guys have no friends or what ?

There needs to be a team rank ladder and problem solved.

It will literally never happen. Smilegate has all gameplay changing rights and they have specifically said no on this time and time again. So again NO!