Orange Map lost is giga frustrating

After 2 months of nothing in chaos gates, i finally drop an orange map.
I post it in the chat, and someone invites me.
I tell them my map is in that area.
I move to the portal location, click it, sellect the small box to use everyones map.
The accept button pops out for all 4 people.
As the dungeon starts loading, my game crashes (its the 4th time my game has crashed since the new patch has landed, mind you im playing on a top end pc and never had issues)
I ctrl alt del, drop the game, get it back up, log in, and im at the entrance, outside. My map is gone, and i couldnt access the rewards.
Cool. Really nice. This is a fresh account, 2 months old, im starved in shards, im starved in silver, and i would kill for engraving books, and on my 1st legendary map, this happens.
Idk man, i love the game but i kinda hate the game at the same time. Designed in such a disrespectful way towards my wallet and my time. All i wanted was to be able to do my legendary secret map, get those shards, maybe a book, but no, not today. Guess in 2 more months ill drop another one, and pray the game doesnt randomly crash again for no reason at all.

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This is not an Orange map, which is Relic and can only be completed by one. It’s a Legendary map color Yellow. I know it doesn’t help your case but I still wanted to precise it.

You bring a good question thoo, they have a system for legion raid re-entry tickets, but do they have the same for maps. I really don’t think they do.

Shit happens bro, if the game is causing you this much stress that u need to make a pointless post - then you should step away and take a break.

Games are for fun, not stress and frustration

its just frustrating, the game is so punishing for missing out, and it feels so bad when you miss something and you’re not at fault :frowning:

i go outside a lot, i have other hobbies, but i like this game so i play it. My problem is that it consumes so much of us without much reward, so it feels extra bad to miss out on something especially when its not even your fault. Game was fine. this update did something that makes the game crash, im not the only one noticing this on my guild. Also because of bots, im not gonna put my hands in the fire for this but im pretty sure the rates for light orange/legendary maps have been gimped to prevent chaos gate bots from flooding the market with mats.