Oreha Preveza Albion mec BUG

If u ever didnt kill albion before he do the star mec. u go to the top right side where the mini cave/flower is located.
u will not die :slight_smile: just make sure as soona s u saw the no effect mec. go there asap at the very edge of that spot u aint die on the star mec :). ALL 4 on PT must come. :slight_smile:

Hi there. What server are you on?

MARI boss :slight_smile: i just notice this

Thanks for letting me know! I’ll get this over to the team.

I’ve sent this over to the team.

is’t bug, if you see, you get out of area of damage, area safe, top left you can get safe too, but in normal mode is more hard than hard mode, electric mec is really wipe, albion in normal mode is the most troll boss u can see, is randoms mecs XD