Oreha Preveza [Hard] Entry bug, lost entry

I entered the party finder and joined a team, we first did Aira’s Oculus and then came back to town and started Oreha. We got to the loading screen and was at 100% and waiting for last player when teammates started dropping for no reason and everyone got kicked out back to town.
I didnt even got to enter the dungeon and i lost my entry count :frowning: … Please can someone help me out, it was my first time entering and i lost my entry :frowning: i used all the stuff i had to reach 1370 and now i lost my entry count … whole week wasted :frowning: Please check the logs or something what happened and please fix this :frowning:
Here is the screenshot for proof - Screenshot by Lightshot
Please any admin or someone please reply~

Hello @SidKillz,

Welcome to the Lost Ark forum, I’m really glad to see you are here at the forums and hope you can enjoy your time here and at the game as well!

Regarding your concern I’m really sorry you’re having this issue with the entry for this situation we need to wait 24 hours in order to receive the entry back in case the disconnection was generated by a verified server issue.

If that was the case and you don’t get your entry back I can recommend you to reach us via chat using the following link: Contact Us | Amazon Games so our friends at the live chat can help you creating a request.

If you need further assistance in any other issue please don’t hesitate in reaching us again!


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thnx i have submitted a ticket a they replied that it “verified crash or outage issue on the game server side”. Hopefully it worked out, since i have no idea what happened…

been a few days and i still didnt get my entry back :frowning: