Oreha's Abyssal stops giving gold at 1445

Hello, KR streamer OHBENJI confirmed that Oreha Hard stops giving gold at 1445

At the moment if you´re 1445 it still gives gold, can anyone confirm if after Valtan it will still be giving out gold? @Roxx

in saintone’s stream there was a guy who said on stream that in japan they , removed ‘’ gold from oreha after vaykas release so before vaykas their gold income was oreha/argos/valtan after that argos/valtan/vaykas and once clown was released it changed to valtan/vaykas/clown

who knows what will they do in west version

That makes a lot of sense, considering they did that I guess we can expect something similar in the west.

Wont be until after Vykas. That way ideally you have Argos, Valtan, and Vykas for gold generation.

na no creo que quiten el oro de una abyssal, lo creo mas en argos que en oreha

so after oreha there are no new abyss dungeons?

Elgacia is the next one