Orelda rapport - Secret Cake Recipe missing

Good afternoon.

I’m opening this thread in regards to an issue I’m having inside the game. I’ve been trying to complete the Adventurer’s Tome (Rohendel) and one cooking item requires you to get Max Rapport with one NPC, Orelda, which I did. Said NPC, when you reach max, supposedly has to give you an item called “Secret Cake Recipe” but I haven’t received it. I checked my Char Inventory, pet, roster, universal storage, everything, but it’s nowhere to be found. Without this item, I can’t finish this part and thus can’t get the 100%.
If you’d be so kind as to solve this for me I’d greatly appreciate it.

Kind regards.

Hello @iamswamp , thank you for using this channel to report your problem.

Since this case is focused on an inventory issue, an item has not been delivered by a character.

It is necessary that you contact our specialists, they could review your account internally and with this determine what was the problem why you did not receive it or know if you are missing any details

You can use the following link

Ask the associate who attends you to raise a ticket to the developers team reporting the error and your problem will be escalated directly with the people in charge of maintaining the game and they will be able to determine what was the cause of the error and reward you accordingly.

Show the link to this post to the specialist, so they can report what steps we have taken and the forum reference.

Have the following information at hand that will be necessary for the creation of the ticket:

-Character name
-Server name
-Specific name of the affected npc or quest
-If possible screenshots of the error within the game

We also recommend that you check the news section of the game, since maintenance is announced in advance so that players can disconnect earlier and avoid incidents like these.

See you in Arkesia!


This was resolved in a timely manner.

Thank you for everything.